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October Community Roundup

Hey everyone! October is over so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community!

New Add-ons and Updates:

Advanced messages plugin – An update for Hire-Expert’s messaging plugin.


Mac OS Menu – The plugin allows you to create a floating Apple Mac Style Menu on your website.
You can choose from two options: the vertical menu, that can be placed on the right or left side of your website (Vertical Navigation) or the menu in the form of a dynamic basket with a dropdown menu list (Stack Navigation). continue reading »

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September and October 2015 Keeping it Rolling Update

Whoops — I skipped a monthly update, but even though I took a hiatus in September we didn’t stop working or moving SocialEngine forward. 

Here’s what went down in September and October:

  • Made serious technical strides to keep up with high goals set for the rebrand
  • Created and continuing to post content on opportunities for crowdfunding / crowdfunded companies to leverage communities
  • Started internal process on responsive theme design for SocialEngine PHP
  • Released a ton of fixes as well as a couple of features for SocialEngine Cloud. Release notes are available on our Community site for September and October.
  • We’ve set up an area to showcase 3rd party demos over on our Examples page.
  • We worked with customer seeking enterprise customizations of SocialEngine PHP or SocialEngine Cloud
  • We’ve set up a new exclusive partnership with TMDHosting. Get SocialEngine PHP optimized hosting starting at $3.85/mo here.

On Deck for November:

  • First week: internal beta of our new website
  • Second week: expert submission beta 
  • Work on admin for the new site
  • Finish working on Intercom integration
  • Continue fixing SocialEngine Cloud issues
  • Launch will make this a singular focused month

With appreciation,

James Clark

CEO, SocialEngine

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Leverage Online Communities to Enhance Crowdfunding Q&A


Try SocialEngine for six weeks free, visit

Most popular crowd funding sites, including Kickstarter, Gofundme, indiegogo and Crowdrise offer a variety of tools to engage your audience.  These include the ability to describe your campaign with words, visuals, videos and, of course, rewards.   


A Community Platform Makes It Easier to Answer Common Questions

One of the big challenges when running a crowdfunding campaign is that often individuals may have specific questions about the use of funds, timing, rewards, etcetera.   In most cases you have to reply one-on-one to these people.  It can take a significant amount of time….when you need to devote your full attention to getting the word out, not answering questions.

An online community by SocialEngine can help. It’s easy to connect the dots and have all of your potential sponsors, donors or investors uploaded into your online community.   Then, all you have to do is post the questions and answers that you get from your audience to the entire community.  Of course you can always do one-on-one when appropriate; but you will save a lot of time with simultaneous communications.  

Next Steps – Leverage The Energy of Community

  • When your crowdfunding campaign is live you can use the ability of the online community to get the group to collectively promote your idea and share thoughts with each other
  • Let your community participate in the viral messaging that is so critical to the success of your campaign
  • One aspect of community is the ability of members of the crowd to interact with each other.  This is critical.  Interaction is what generates the ongoing enthusiasm and energy for action… in this case the action is providing financial assistance
  • Every member of your community will have a Facebook page and many of them will have Twitter, YouTube and other social accounts.  Take advantage of this network

Then, as you approach your funding deadline and goals, the community can kick into action to get you over the top!  Get the free crowdfunding E-book Kickstarting Community: Custom Social Networks for Crowdfunding at

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Keeping Your Crowdfunding Audience Engaged and Happy


So you’ve successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign – congratulations! But now what? How are you supposed to keep your fans engaged while you try to focus on actually completing your project, especially knowing that most crowdfunding projects don’t make their target shipping dates?


A custom social community can solve a lot of problems crowdfunding platforms create in post-campaign communication. Here’s how:

Crowdfunding_Chart (1)

To learn more about how a custom social network can keep your audience engaged and happy, check out our eBook entitled Kickstarting Community.

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Communities Increase Your Odds of Crowdfunding Success

Article 1 Blog 2 Increase_Your_Odds

There are several ways online community can increase the money you raise with crowdfunding:

  • Community can help you before you begin crowdfunding by polishing your ideas and your presentation to raise funds
  • Community can do something very important… it can grow your network so that during fundraising the money comes in quickly… and that is absolutely critical for success of any campaign

Lots of people jump into crowd funding just assuming that they have the right idea and network to get to their funding goal easily.  The truth, according to a PC World article (The Crowdfunding Caveat: Most Campaigns Fail) and statistics from Kickstarter, show that only about 44 % of projects are fully funded and a large percentage don’t even raise 20% of their funding goal.  

So improve your odds!  

Here is how an online community from SocialEngine can help you increase the odds of success.  


  • You can use the community as a way to beta test the underlying assumptions of your campaign.  In other words test the waters before you sail your ship.  
  • Try out your messaging, your concept, your images and your video.  Ask questions.  
  • Use the community to help make decisions about your crowdfunding campaign prior to launch.  Maybe your fundraising goal is wrong – too high, or too low.
  • Create a couple of options for your funding and messages and then let the community vote and give you feedback on what floats their boat!  If you get the message right that will go a long ways towards successful crowdfunding.   


  • Use the community to enhance your list of potential sponsors.  An online community provides a great mechanism to grow a list of potential sponsors, donors and investors.  
  • Spend a couple of months fine tuning your messages and increasing your audience now; then you will be ready when you have to put it on the line with only 30 days to raise funds.
  • Ask all of your community members to invite other people to join the community.  In the world of crowdfunding you want to have an open community where everyone with a PC, smartphone or tablet that likes your idea can join and participate.

You will know when your community has reached sufficient size (number of people) and provided enough feedback that your crowdfunding campaign will end up on the side of success rather than failure.  Get the free crowdfunding E-book Kickstarting Community: Custom Social Networks for Crowdfunding. Visit


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Crowdfunding: What You Need to Keep the Post-Campaign Momentum Going





Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to build buzz around your start-up, art project or social cause. But what happens when that campaign is over? It’s often difficult to keep the momentum going in the lag between raising money and fulfilling your project goals.


Customer Social Networks Drive Engagement

You don’t actually own your backer list – you’re basically stuck with the communication options your crowdfunding platform provides. Reply-all style updates are nice, but more personalized interaction is much more difficult. That’s where a custom social network comes in. With your own community, you can:

  • Keep your fans involved with exclusive content
  • Easily respond to questions
  • Create simple feedback loops

Free Kickstarting Community eBook

To learn more about how a custom social network can transform your crowdfunding campaign to a real movement, check out our eBook entitled Kickstarting Community: Custom Social Networks for Crowdfunding.



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September Community Roundup

Hey everyone! September is over so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community!

New Add-ons and Updates:

Ultimate Social Music Solution – Add a music player to your site with this wonderful plugin!


PHPfox Importer – The PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine will transfer your data and content from your old PHPfox website to your new SocialEngine PHP website in a short span of time. continue reading »

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Build an Online-Offline Community, Exceed Crowdfunding Goals


The best way to collaborate is with community. In the world of crowdfunding and online connectivity, community can be defined as any group of people who share your passion, hobby or vision enough that they are willing to open their wallet and chip in. In other words they are willing to “show you the money.”


An online community (such as the type you can create with SocialEngine enables participants to:

  • rapidly share information
  • make suggestions
  • respond to your ideas and
  • create an environment for viral growth of participation.

In reality there are two types of online communities.

Geographic Communities

These are online communities representing a specific geographic area. For example you are creating a project to raise money for a new shelter for animals in your town. In this case the primary (but not the only) community audience and members will be people who live in your town.

Global Communities

These communities are national or even global in scope and usually based on common interests. Maybe you are creating a new world-music CD or a film about climate change. Your audience can live anywhere in the world and participate in the outcome of your efforts.

It’s About Passion

In both of the above cases the creation of an online community with people who share your passion will provide significant value to your project and fundraising efforts. In the first type of community you might consider connecting the real world to the online world.

Offline to Online

How? First, create your online community with a solid platform. Second, promote your vision and your online community in the real world. Put up flyers in coffee houses, grocery stores, pet supply stores, veterinarian offices. What you want to do is move people from the real world to your online community. This may be the fastest way to grow a base of people who will be willing to participate in your crowdfunding campaign. Rather than start with your hand out; start with a community where people can really get excited about your ideas. Then they will naturally share and grow your community to the point where you have a large audience that can make it easier to reach your crowdfunding goals.

If your online community represents a much larger geographic area then your starting ground is going to be online also. Go to web sites; blogs; Facebook pages and even other communities to connect with and aggregate people who will join YOUR online community. If you already have a decent network or email list, start with that. The goal is the same as with a specific geographic area. You want to connect with people who are going to be passionate about sharing ideas and contributing funds because they like what you are doing.

Free Kickstarting Community E-Book

Get the free crowdfunding E-book Kickstarting Community: Custom Social Networks for Crowdfunding.


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Celebrating  Ning and PHPfox Import Scripts with 10 Days of 10% Off SocialEngine PHP




Over the past couple of months SocialEngine has made available importer scripts for Ning 2.0 and PHPfox.


In celebration for the first 10 days of October (Oct 1 – 10) we are offering 10% off your purchase of SocialEngine PHP. Use code “SocialEnginePHP10″ at checkout to SAVE 10%.


The Ning and PHPfox scripts have been widely applauded from the developer community.

Here are a few samples of the reviews on the PHPfox importer script:

In both cases, experts from each platform volunteered their time, energy and effort to help our development team, and that of SocialEngineAddOns, ensure the scripts were thoroughly tested. Much love to them.

For those of you considering alternatives for your Ning and PHPfox sites we now have a easy migration path to SocialEngine.

Ning Importer Script Info:
Check out our Ning Importer article, or refer to this video tutorial created by Ex Creators the Ning experts who helped SocialEngine test the import script.

PHPfox Importer Script Info:
The PHPfox importer script is being offered by SocialEngineAddOns. Access the script here.

Enter code “SocialEnginePHP10″ at checkout and save 10% off SocialEngine PHP.


The SocialEngine Team.

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August Community Roundup

Hey everyone! August is over so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community!

New Add-ons and Updates:

Page Builder and Shortcodes Plugin – This plugin has various elements which you can use in widgets as well as in shortcodes on Pages.


Store Bundle plugin – Store Bundle product addon allows to increase the sales of your store through providing users with discounts for buying several products at once. An administrator can create multiple “bundles” on the different products. continue reading »

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