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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals!


It’s finally here! Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for SocialEngine have arrived! If you’re looking to start your own social network now’s the time to do it and take advantage of a huge discount!

All you need to do is head over to our products page and use the code “phpholiday18” to receive 25% off from November 23 – 26! This sale applies to any purchases of SE PHP Essential and SE PHP Advanced.

We hope you all are as excited as we are! This deal will only last from Black Friday, November 23rd until the end of Cyber Monday, November 26th, so get out there!

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Black Friday Sneak Peek!


Hey everybody! We’re so excited to announce our big Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale will be happening this year, and its gonna be big! We’ll be offering 25% off all purchases of SE PHP Advance or SE PHP Essential!!

This is our biggest sale of the year and will only be available from 11/23-11/26 so don’t miss out. Make sure to check back here on the 23rd to get the coupon code and claim your discount!

Happy Holidays,
The SocialEngine Team

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SocialEngine PHP 4.10.3p4 Critical Security Release


We are releasing a critical security patch. This patch addresses a vulnerability reported to us today which allows someone with advanced knowledge the ability to view database details. All SocialEngine PHP websites should immediately apply the patch without exception. This vulnerability appears in current releases and also dates back to early releases. continue reading »

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Why Certified SocialEngine Plugins?


Our SocialEngine Certified Marketplace has been open for over a year now! In that time, we have seen some really great plugins submitted by third party experts. We’ve also heard a ton of great feedback from clients who’ve been purchasing from it. Along with the great feedback we have also had some questions, so we wanted to take some time to address them here! We hope this proves helpful..

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How to Make Your SocialEngine Community a Breeze to Use


Welcome back to our blog! This month, we’ll focus on How to Make Your SocialEngine Community a Breeze to Use. This is an important topic as first impressions are critical for the success of your community. It’s also crucial to keep your site user friendly in order to keep your members coming back. Read below for some helpful tips!

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Why isn’t my website on Google?


One of the most frequently asked questions from new site owners is, “Why isn’t my website listed on Google?” That’s a great question and the answer is important for any type of website, whether a social network, blog, or specialty niche. continue reading »

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Spring Cleaning and Your SocialEngine Website


Happy Spring! Spring is such a great time of year with flowers blooming, birds singing and yes, spring cleaning. Okay, so maybe the spring cleaning isn’t so much fun but it does need to be done. This article tackles spring cleaning and your SocialEngine website.

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SocialEngine GDPR Compliance Updates



In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we are happy to inform everyone that we have updated our Privacy Policy and operational procedures. These changes involve the following:

  • Updated the Privacy Policy to comply with GDPR requirements. Clients are encouraged to check the new Privacy Policy and log in to their account at to accept the new policies.
  • Updated the sign up form at to add opt-in, in compliance with GDPR requirements.
  • Updated marketplace terms regarding certified plugins.
  • Removed Webhooks from certified plugins in order to conform to GDPR requirements regarding user data. For those experts using the webhooks, you’ll need to check the Order Statistics page to view the Order ID, purchase date, item purchased and amount. Clients may need to provide the Order ID when contacting experts for help with their purchased products but experts may also ask you for the date purchased. Your Order ID can be found in your client dashboard where the certified plugins are listed.

There are no changes to our SocialEngine PHP or SocialEngine Cloud products at this time. Clients and experts will want to check the GDPR requirements and prepare their own sites in order to comply with them. There are also some certified plugins for SocialEngine PHP to help with GDPR compliance for those that need them.

If you have any questions about our policies, please feel free to contact us at support@socialengine.coml. If you have questions about how to proceed with changes to your SocialEngine website, please feel free to post at our community. There are already several threads with great tips!

With Appreciation,
The SocialEngine Team


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Privacy and Your SocialEngine Community


With the recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updates, we thought it a good time to go over Privacy and your SocialEngine Community. This article will go over the “why,” “what,” and “how” regarding what’s on everyone’s mind these days – user data privacy.

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Spencer’s Adventures – Digging the Certified Marketplace


Howdy friends!

How have you all been? I’ve been sniffing around in the marketplace again! There’s so much great stuff there. Here’s what I found next to my favorite squeaky toy: continue reading »

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