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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Special News!

I know you guys are all eagerly awaiting our updates, so without further ado, here ‘goes! I’m going to start with the mundane and work up to the exciting. First, let’s start with what we’ve released. Those of you who are interested can now download the updated music and polls plugin from the client area. […]

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Upgrades Galore!

Huzzah! We have now released v3.03 of the platform, v3.02 BETA of the album plugin, and v3.00 BETA of the chat plugin! Please note that both these BETA plugins require v3.03 to run, so please upgrade your system before you upgrade those plugins. As always, MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU BEGIN!!! I know I sound […]

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v3 Album Plugin

Finally! We are just about done upgrading the album plugin! Before we release it, I’d love it if you could give it a spin and report any bugs in the comments so that I can fix them before release. Things that are different in this plugin to look for: 1. Photo Tagging! 2. The ability […]

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