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Monthly Archives: November 2008

SocialEngine 3.07, Videos 3.01 Released

John and Sami have made some nice updates to both the video plugin and the main platform. In the video plugin: 1. We’ve integrated a flash uploader for a more pleasant upload experience (including a progress bar). The uploader is Flash 10 compatible. 2. Some compatibility issues with several video formats have been fixed. 3. […]

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SocialEngine and SocialSynapse

We’ve been receiving many questions from confused customers of, so I’m hoping this announcement will clear up the confusion. In January of this year, we gave SocialSynapse a license to create a derivative product based on SocialEngine intended for German-speaking countries only. In September, we discovered that SocialSynapse had been selling its product and […]

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SE v3 Live Demo Available, Video Plugin Released

Today is the big day! Our development team has updated all the plugins and rolled SE v3 out of beta. You can now explore SocialEngine 3 (and all updated plugins) on our live demo sites. The platform and all plugins are now stable, so you can feel free to install them on your server and […]

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Events Plugin 3.02, Blogs Plugin 3.03 Released

We’ve finished upgrading the final v3 plugin, Events, and have released it today along with an update for the Blogs Plugin. Those of you that were encountering a problem with blogs where blog entry content was not being posted from the FCKEditor should no longer have issues. We’ll be doing a few final bug fixes […]

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SE 3.06, Groups Plugin 3.02 Released

We’ve released a quick update to both the SE platform and the Groups Plugin. The updates both address some minor bugs that were left in the previous versions. In other news, the Events plugin will be released this Friday and the official SE 3.X demo will be put up. The Video plugin will follow shortly […]

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