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Add-On Highlights – Pinterest, SMS, and More!

These add-ons highlight some of the recent developments by SocialEngine’s developer community. They’ve been quite active, so visit our Customize area to check out the full selection of add-ons.

Add-ons: iPragmatech developed a few add-ons this past month. Now you can integrate Pinterest, enable SMS
functionality, and add a calendar
to our Events Plugin.

Add-on: ViewMix is now available for SocialEngine. Purchase a ViewMix license and start channel surfing with their add-on.

Add-on: GeoDeveloper released a Shoutbox widget you can place on pages for members to write Shouts.

Add-on: SocialEngineAddOns released their FAQs, Knowledgebase, Tutorials & Help Center Plugin. A tool for information aggregation, information management and knowledge sharing.

Add-on: Radcodes created an add-on for property and real estate listings that includes a number of widgets and custom questions.

Add-on: Hire-Experts developed Badges, a feature that lets members unlock unique badges you create.

Add-on: WebHive’s new Schedule module keeps members organized.

Add-on: SocialEnginePro Company developed a virtual currency and billing system with eMoney.

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