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Video Tutorials

Our YouTube channel has a selection of helpful video guides you can follow when tampering under the hood of your SocialEngine community.  We do provide installation and upgrade services at a price, but you can always do it yourself using our tutorials.  Check out our latest updated videos brought to you by our tech, Matthew!


Installation Guide: This tutorial will guide you through the installation of a new copy of SocialEngine.


Upgrade Tutorial: This video guides you step by step on how to upgrade your copy of SocialEngine.


Trial Upgrade Tutorial:  This video provides step by step instruction to upgrade your trial version of SocialEngine to a fully licensed and unencrypted version.


Plugin Installation Tutorial:  This video teaches you how add plugins to your copy of SocialEngine.


Have any technical questions? Submit a support ticket from your account for assistance, contact us, or browse SocialEngine community forums like SocialEngineCamp.


Thanks for the videos, Matthew!

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