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Monthly Archives: August 2012

SE4 Roadmap: Planning Ahead

In the updates to come, we’d like you to help us prioritize our development efforts. We’ll consider everything, respond as best we can, and we’ll do our best to clearly explain our choices; stating what’s possible and what’s not. We want your voice to be heard—we’ll be listening—so please share your suggestions in the comments […]

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SE5 private beta now open to clients

Ok guys, the SE5 private beta is up and running. If you’re a current SE site owner, sign in to your account to get the beta link and request access. We’ll be rolling in small groups of people every day, with priority given to third-party developers and active SE4 site owners. Reminder: This is an […]

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What’s Behind The SE4 Demo

A few weeks ago, our version 4 demo server was unreachable for roughly 7 hours. After gaining access to the server again, I reviewed the log files and deduced the problem was simply a result of extremely high traffic volume. The demo had been using file-based caching up to that point, and APC wasn’t installed, […]

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SocialEngine: Looking Forward

Hey all, Big, big things are going down at SocialEngine. I’m incredibly excited to announce that we are nearly ready to ship our next-generation community platform, SocialEngine 5. We’ve been working on this for nine months, and the SE5 release marks a major shift in our company’s direction, so please bear with my overly verbose […]

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SocialEngine 4.2.6 – Improved Site Performance and Page Loads

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re happy to announce that SocialEngine is now up to 60% faster! Download 4.2.6 and experience the power boost. Server configuration is still the biggest speed bump,  so please review our documentation to be sure your installation is one finely tuned machine optimized for speed.  As always, please remember to backup your site before upgrading. You may view the full changelog, and here’s our highlights.

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Social Media, Sports and SocialEngine

I’m drinking a Coke emblazoned with the Olympic rings and a silhouette of a tennis player against USA stripes. 2012 has changed the Olympic Games. In June, we tweeted an article that labeled the London Games the “socialympics” and went on to say, “Hash tags, (at) signs and “like” symbols will be as prevalent as […]

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