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Monthly Archives: September 2012

SE Cloud Template Docs Released

The SE Cloud community is growing so much faster than we expected! We’ve been watching you guys build out your sites and have been discussing how we can help you customize your templates more easily. Today we’ve added a new resource that should help tremendously. We’ve rolled out documentation for SE Cloud widgets. These docs […]

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SE PHP 4.2.7 – Improved Content and Community Creation

Thanks everyone for the substantial feedback we received from our last SE PHP Roadmap post, our survey and via email. Expect an announcement post from us next week that will outline our 4.2.8 release goals featuring items we’ve gathered thanks to your feedback. This, 4.2.7, is a minor release focused on a few fixes and features as […]

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SocialEngine Cloud is now available!

Today we are excited to bring you SocialEngine Cloud, our next-generation community platform. We’ve been building and talking about this for over six months, so we can’t wait to finally get it in your hands. We built SocialEngine Cloud because we see a major opportunity ahead. Needless to say, Facebook has been incredibly effective at […]

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SocialEngine Cloud Beta [Infographic]

Recently we launched our beta program  to a group of passionate SocialEngine users. Over the last 30 days we’ve talked with a lot of you, listened to your feedback and got to know everyone in the community. There has been over 500 signups and posts, over 1100 comments and 4100 votes! We’re really excited about […]

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Announcing SocialEngine Cloud

About a month ago I announced our upcoming hosted community platform. This resulted in a couple of hurricane of comments from the SE community, mostly because of our decision to name the new platform “SocialEngine 5″. After reading through all these comments and speaking with dozens of SocialEngine site owners directly, I now clearly see where everyone is […]

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How To Build A Social Network

An online community is more than a flash-in-the-pan marketing or CPC campaign. It’s not something you just ‘set and forget.’ Merriam Webster defines a community as, “a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society.” It’s more important than Facebook Fans, Twitter followers or just about anything you […]

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Add-On Highlights – Photo Filters, Business Directories and Stories

Here are the add-on highlights since our July post. Always fun to see what the community cooks up. The customize area contains hundreds of more add-ons, so browse around and see what catches your eye! Highlights:

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Developer Spotlight: iPragmatech

We’re featuring iPragmatech in this Developer Spotlight. Kapil Jain shares his thoughts on third-party development, SE4 and SE5. Also, there’s a special offer at the end for anyone interested in performance optimization!  

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