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SocialEngine Cloud is now available!

Today we are excited to bring you SocialEngine Cloud, our next-generation community platform. We’ve been building and talking about this for over six months, so we can’t wait to finally get it in your hands.

We built SocialEngine Cloud because we see a major opportunity ahead. Needless to say, Facebook has been incredibly effective at bringing your “social graph”, or the network of people you know, online. That said, we believe that Facebook really hasn’t nailed the the “interest graph” – the network of people around the world that share your interests. The explosive growth of social bookmarking, microsharing and curatorial services like Reddit, Pinterest, Quora, and Pose prove this. These networks show that there is a growing demand for content discovery around interests – content shared by people we don’t necessarily know offline. There has never been a better time to start your own unique social network.

We already see a proliferation of these interest-centric networks taking place, but it’s not happening nearly as fluidly as it could. There’s still a lot of time, energy and technical expertise needed to launch a modern interest-based social network. Most white-label, turnkey services out there (like Ning, for example) often fail to deliver because they are either more appropriate for small social-graph groups, or because they serve up a much more “traditional” social experience. SocialEngine Cloud is the first community platform to incorporate the content sharing features, social mechanics, and third-party services that are making other interest-based social networks so immersive and engaging.

Here’s what we have coming next. We’ll be focusing on our launch this and next week, onloading hundreds of new SE Cloud site owners. Our top post-launch priorities are to create a migration path from SE PHP for those that want to switch, and to create a theming kit and companion docs so you can customize (and share) SE Cloud themes more easily. We’ll then move on to implementing better language tools as well as our two-way API, which will help third-party developers build their own unique addons for the platform.

If you haven’t tried SE Cloud yet, you can check out our live demos, or you can give it a go for 14 days free. You’re entitled to our support service as long as you’re subscribing to SE Cloud, and that support covers SE PHP questions too, so that might be a good resource for those of you that want ongoing support coverage for SE PHP as well.

SE Cloud is a young platform. It’s still quite simple and minimal, but our team has 10 years of shared experience with building social applications, and we are cranking hard on adding features based on your direct feedback. Send us your ideas and help us make it more awesome.

  • Guest

    Where are all apps? Why it is so mess and expensive? It is the same what fanpage facebook but cost 50 per month. Its crazy.

    • Jung Ho Kim

      With the current tools in SE Cloud’s admin panel, you can easily mimic SE4’s plugins by creating pages dedicated to feeds containing photos, topics (forum) and videos. Users can even create a collection of lists for their posts and use them as albums. We will be releasing documentation to our template system very soon.

      If you have not seen the template system, I highly recommend trying out our trial to experience the potential first hand. This is one of the many things that excites me about SE Cloud. :)


    There is nothing in it…..??? so confusing and so dulllll???? what is the use..??? and that too $50/m—-gone crazyyyyyy?????

    • Jung Ho Kim

      On the surface it may seem like SE Cloud is very simple but I have to argue that this is a good thing. Our engineers have spend a lot of time focusing on making the basic building blocks of what it takes to build out an awesome community. This means that everything works like individual Lego pieces that can be easily put together the way you want, allowing us to build out exciting new features very quickly. This also opens up huge opportunities for our amazing third party developers to create amazing things we have never thought of!

      We will be handling all the hard problems with what happens in the backend. Our highly experienced engineers that worked on designing SE Cloud will be watching the server logs and fine tuning the server configurations to help you scale smoothly and keep your site running blazing fast. 😀

      Edit – Also check out my response to Rafal Olszak!

    • Nick Swartz

      I think $50 is a lot too. $25 is more reasonable.

  • jlissaint

    Hello guys, are you using amazon EC2 ?

    • Jung Ho Kim



    well…..all the night i have been sitting infront of the system trying to do changes…..what the hell….there is nothng that i could do… horrible,if i had the knowledge of css…ect i wld have done it,,,,spending 50$every month to just for nothing is FOOLISH….i wonder what the hell the engineering of social enginge have produced….the full concept is so dull…..who want to spend time which is as boring as a grave…..huh

  • saii

    Hey….! i do not understand anythng what u have produced…..50$ for NOTHING -WHERE ARE ALL THE APPS,how do i change it colourfull……..there is nothng over there……is this wat u say ”
    Our highly experienced engineers “—–SHAME ON UR GUYS—ITS JUST CRAP

  • Rafał Olszak

    Maybe it will be OK in future, but there was and there is one big problem. Facebook is monopolist of social media. How to made money whith SE5?

    • Jung Ho Kim

      With the template system you can easily add advertisements. What ways are you thinking of monetizing your community? We can help build out the right tools for you!

  • RN Wilder

    Are there more true community
    lay-outs that you will be posting soon or adding to the demo?

    Q1: Are there examples of the pinterest theme where you can ‘make it your own’ like all the movable parts that the old SE had where you can re-arrange elements, change layouts, etc?

    Q2: Any room for industry standard ad inventory for this theme?

    Still dont like the pinterest theme….
    With Pinterest you just like people from afar…no real meaningful connections….plus its still just a
    pinterest clone in its current form (meaning that the same way that someone uses pininterest will be the mindframe that a user will immediately fall into….no connections — just looking for crap that catches their eye). Plus…..How could an advertiser get excited about your site
    when its clearly a clone/rip of another site? You guys need to study true niche
    communities like Cafe Mom who use all of your legacy products and it
    makes sense (groups, forums, news, etc) — its something people are used to and they too fall into a mindset of whats expected in a community in terms of sections to gravitate to.

    This current layout is not something you can return to and *easily* find (or have) a conversation for instance

    Hoping to see more executions because otherwise this can be pulled off with wordpress and an pinterest overlay like this:


  • Andrew K Kirk

    Congrats to the SocialEngine team!

    • Drew Frey

      Thanks @andrewkkirk:disqus !

  • Ken

    What would happen if our site becomes successful and we use excessive resources and bandwidth? I believe the monthly amount is not for unlimited resources and bandwidth. If we decide to move out due to excessive cost, are we going to be held hostage since out users are on SE Cloud?

    • Drew Frey

      We’re still finalizing space and bandwidth limits for Cloud, and while we haven’t started measuring these limits quite yet, with our current tier you’ll receive 20GB of storage, 100 GB transfer capacity, and unlimited members.

      • Dinko Duric

        And how much will it cost per GB if I exceed bandwidth (or space) limitations?

    • Joan

      Hi Ken
      We asked just the same question! What happens when you go over the limit? How much will SE Cloud charge for additional bandwidth and storage? Answer = no idea. Also you won’t be able to move your design from SE CLOUD to SE PHP if you need to because they are two completly seperate things.

  • Dan

    Watch, learn, develop and integrate, this is going to be the new style for social websites mark my words SE and their third dev need to stay on top of new developments. Facebook, twitter etc they will all restyle and built a different application code based model eventually more suitable for tablets etc.

  • Jody Boyer

    Why does SE delete my negative comments?

  • Clint Leffingwell

    I hate to ask a dumb question, but before I go to the effort of a 14 day trial; does SE Cloud contain the same Core features as SE PHP? Specifically, I am interested in the membership Billing and Subscription features. Cheers!

    • Drew Frey

      Thanks for the note Clint.

      I’m afraid our plugins and add-ons are only available for SE PHP and are not compatible with SE Cloud. These are two distinct platforms and the features do not carry over. We are developing an API for Cloud that well open up development for our Cloud platform, and will make it possible for the community to create and integrate awesome new features as they’ve done with PHP.

    • Joan

      HI Clint
      We signed up only to then realise that you CAN’T HAVE MEMBERSHIP BILLING ON SE CLOUD. Also the board theme which looks fantastic is NOT available on SE PHP … so if you (like us) need member billing I’m afraid you’ll be dissapointed. :(

  • Joan

    We’re a new customer signed up to the SE Cloud. We think it’s great apart from the fact that you can’t have paid subscription/member billing. So if you’re planning a site and you need to have member billing then SE Cloud is NOT for you! Also if you love the look and function of the board theme but you need member billing please note that the board theme is NOT available on SE PHP! :(

  • Mike Kennedy

    What’s your opinion of, and what are some of SE’s strengths over BP?

  • Arigi Obiero

    Hi SocialEngine Cloud,
    Are we going to have the chat plugin and the other functionalities like we had in the SE PHP?

  • Ali Toure

    how we can add new language to socialengine cloud

  • pSocial

    SocialEngine is a good going social networking site.. All the best..

  • Stand4Fairness

    I guess that is the catch, storage and bandwith is limited. How about if I have my own host provider?

    • Stepan Mazurov

      you can always host SocialEngine PHP (our CMS-esque social network script) hosted by your own provider.