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SE Cloud Template Docs Released

The SE Cloud community is growing so much faster than we expected! We’ve been watching you guys build out your sites and have been discussing how we can help you customize your templates more easily.

Today we’ve added a new resource that should help tremendously. We’ve rolled out documentation for SE Cloud widgets. These docs include a full list of the widgets currently supported on SE Cloud, along with all their configuration options.

You can find these docs on the “Edit Template” page within your Theme & Layout section. There’s a link to them below the template HTML editor. Or, if you don’t have an SE Cloud site yet, you can use this direct link to the docs on our live demo.

Leave a comment and let us know how we can make these docs better, clearer, more complete, etc. We’ll be updating them every time we add a new widget or widget setting.


  • Vuxoz

    How does translation works on SE Cloud ?

    • Drew Frey

      SocialEngine Cloud is currently only available in English BUT you can edit the visible language right in the HTML templates. Moving forward, we will be releasing multi-language support.

  • seTweaks

    Any news about a SE Cloud plan for developers?

    • Drew Frey

      Hey @setweaks:disqus , we still don’t have a policy on this yet BUT believe me when I say that we’ll be considering setting up special developer plans so they can build on SocialEngine Cloud easily. More to come. Thanks for your patience with this.


    Si yo tengo SE PHP podrá migrarse a SE Cloud? Con mi propio server? Cual sería el costo?

    • Drew Frey

      Hey @twitter-421478501:disqus , I hope that I have translated your message properly. If you have SE PHP, you will be able to migrate information to your new SocialEngine Cloud account. You are correct. We are currently working on this functionality at the moment as we know that it is vital to our current PHP users.

    • Antonio Martinez

      – Porque si tienes PHP quieres pasarte a CLoud?
      – Los puggins adicionales de PHP te van a funcionar en Cloud?