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Monthly Archives: October 2012

SE PHP 4.2.8 – Updated TinyMCE and Activity Feed

Happy Halloween! 4.2.8 is now available to download. Please backup before upgrading, and contact us if you have any questions. Thanks to your feedback and survey responses, we’ve overhauled the activity feed and the TinyMCE editor. Next week, we’ll announce our release goals for 4.2.9 so you can see what’s coming next. Here’s the full […]

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Attention theme designers! Download the SE Cloud theme kit

One of the really neato things about SE Cloud is the theme manager. Beyond editing your theme in your browser, you can also upload and download themes. This means you can build a custom theme and share it with (or sell it to) other SE Cloud customers. The SE Cloud network is growing very quickly, […]

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SE PHP 4.2.8: Sneak Peek

Hello SocialEngine fans! With the help of everyone who participated in our survey and left comments on our blog, we are well under way into the development of version 4.2.8, scheduled for release on 31st October, 2012. The upgrade will be available to download from the client login area at that time. Below is a […]

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SE Cloud is now mobile friendly!

We’ve heard from a ton of SocialEngine Cloud site builders that our biggest feature gap is proper support for mobile browsers. That’s not surprising since we now see that at least 12% of all traffic on the SE Cloud network is coming from mobile devices (9% iOS, 3% Android). We are also seeing that bounce […]

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New SE Cloud Feature: Daily highlights emails

One of the key challenges for every online community is retention. Even if you have the most entertaining social network on the web, there are millions of other distractions on the Internet, so don’t take it too personally if your members don’t stay perpetually engaged with your network. That said, you should do everything you […]

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Make A Social Network With SocialEngine

A social network is a map of relationships between individuals. Add a laptop, internet connection and some great user experience, and you have an online network where people can interact and connect to one another in meaningful ways using standard, modern features like instant messaging, video chatting, tweeting, commenting, and of course, photo sharing. So […]

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