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New SE Cloud Feature: Daily highlights emails

One of the key challenges for every online community is retention. Even if you have the most entertaining social network on the web, there are millions of other distractions on the Internet, so don’t take it too personally if your members don’t stay perpetually engaged with your network. That said, you should do everything you can to create a sticky experience. One of the most basic ways to do this is to frequently remind your members when they have notifications they haven’t seen, or when there is new content that might interest them.

Today we’ve added a new feature to SE Cloud that we call “daily highlights”. Your members will now automatically receive a daily email from your network including any notifications they haven’t yet read, as well as a short list of the day’s most popular posts. If there’s nothing new to report, an email won’t be sent. Members can easily opt out of the email by editing their email settings.

Let us know what you think about this feature. Is daily a good frequency? What other content would you like to see included in this email?

  • Private

    1) Hire Experts already built a better email / newsletter plugin for SE. Why reinvent the wheel?
    2) The reason why we can’t “retain” members is because adults want to network and search groups, events, classifieds, pages and other members BY LOCATION. FREE: MaxMind APIs: FREE: GeoLite Databases.
    3) We need a WYSWIG editor in the Layout Editor Pages so we can add “static” pages.
    4) We need a Main menu that we can add sub menu’s to hold our static pages (About us, etc)
    5) We need a vertical menu with an activity feed for abuse reports, updates, etc for moderators …..
    instead of …… the default horizontal feed with SE notifications / updates.
    6) And we need a ($1, 7 day, 30 day) trial option(s) on the subscriptions and monthly / yearly (w/ discount) options.

    These are things that have not been done yet and they all involve the core.

    • Jonathan Cousar

      I second your comments on adding static pages and a better “moderators” system. Alex, please check out vBulletin’s moderator system. They have TONS of options for permissions that admins can give to moderators. For instance, now about all a moderator can do is delete posts (spam). But I’d love for them to be able to go into the backend and delete users (spammers) as well. But I don’t want them to necessarily see ALL the features and info in the backend.

      Also, same thing for Groups. Group moderators in SE4 can’t do anything! They can’t even delete posts! We really need to let Group owners select from a list of functions what they want to allow their moderators to do.

      CHOICES, CHOICES, CHOICES. Give the People Choices! Every group is different, every group owner is different, they all have different needs and personalities. Some owners wouldn’t want to allow moderators to do very much. Others want to let them do everything, and others – something in between.

  • Peter K. Sanner

    Sorry – but where did you add this, or where do we have to update this package?

    • Alex Benzer

      It’s an SE Cloud feature, already available on the Notifications page of the admin panel.

      • sunny

        Hi Alex, this email notifucations not working for our SE cloud website even after enabling. System not sending any emails to users. Is this any kind of bug? please help

  • skidpics

    Add a weekly / monthly to it.. and allow admin to set the default to one of them

    • Drew Frey

      @skidpics:disqus , we really appreciate your feedback. Are there any other time periods that interest you outside of daily/weekly/monthly?

      • skidpics

        I think those choices would be great, but the question is, how to deal with incorrect emails? This will really depend on the correct entry of the signup email, in which we need a double verification check to make sure they entered it correctly.

    • Jonathan Cousar

      And allow users options for setting it for themselves.

    • Alex Benzer

      We’ve added it!

  • Molecular

    weekly, bi-weekly, monthly will be nice. Daily e-mail to some users may be excessive. When this feature will be available? Thanks that will be a great one to keep users in the loop.

    • Alex Benzer

      Thanks for the feedback. We’ve talked about this quite a bit too. Do you think we should include all of these options? Let us know what feedback you get from your users.

      • Jonathan Cousar

        Yes, you must include all of those options. Daily is definitely too much. The more time options the better. Alex, you should really check out vBulletin and their notification system. It’s much, much better. And it’s better mainly because they give users so many options. They give options for ‘receive an email for everything’, receive a daily/weekly/monthly digest. It’s something for every person’s tastes, so more people are likely to use it and not turn it off. Great you’re adding this!

        • Alex Benzer

          Thanks for the feedback. We’ve implemented these options: Never, Daily, Weekly, Monthly


    This sounds like a really good update. I think it would be a good additive to the SEAddOns Plugin Email Template (a great “plugin” by the way, pun intended). But you didn’t mentioned if it would be rolled out via SE Cloud or SE PHP. And where do we get this update / plugin. Is it the next update 4.2.8?

    • Drew Frey

      Thanks @disqus_TlusPvCico:disqus , appreciate the positive feedback. This is an SE Cloud feature and you can access it within the Notifications page under the Admin panel.

  • Jeroen Jasper

    What on earth are you doing putting energy in functionality that third parties already offer?? Focus on the basics, and that is providing the same quality sharing/liking and commenting functionality as in Facebook or Linkedin. The BASICS!! of social networking;
    If you share someone’s youtube video or photo on SE it only shares the item (the video/photo) but doesn’t mention the person you shared it from, which takes away the context and reference and basically kills the interactivity aspect.
    How hard can it be to fix that?

    • Alex Benzer

      Jeroen, appreciate your feedback. Our main goal right now, development-wise, is to build/improve features that help you attract/retain members and get them to be more active. Re-engagement emails is a pretty basic form of that.

      If you have specific suggestions about how we can improve the content sharing process, please reply. When you say “the person you shared it from” do you mean that person on YouTube? Can you explain further? Thanks!

      • Jeroen Jasper

        Hi Alex,
        Imagine that you put a post on SE, whereby you, for example, announce the yearly office BBQ, and you add a cool picture/video/link to it. If I like that and want to share it with myconnections (who might know you or your company or people at your company), the system works in such a way that only the video/photo…is shared and NOT a) your post itself and b) who it comes from and c) it doesnt even say that it is something I shared, it simply states Jeroen posted…but I didnt POST, I SHARED (but no one would know that)
        As a result my connections see a post from me whereby I post a photo of a BBQ or a video…but no reference to the SE BBQ or that it comes from you. Doesnt make any sense, doesnt create any interactivity and basically no one uses the share functionality
        I have given you an example:
        Printscreen1. Member “TravelClan News” post a text: check out this cool…. with a youtube video attached
        Printscreen 2. “Jeroen”, who is connected to “TravelClan News” shares this post (you can already see that it only shares the video)
        Printscreen 3: the result. It states that “Jeroen” posts (not shares) a video…no reference to who it was shared from, nor the accompanying text
        If you do the same thing on FB or Linkedin it basically states that “Jeroen” shared a “post” from “TravelClan News” with the “accompanying text”. Thus creating engagement, interactivity and viral distribution.
        This is what I call basic social network functionality, And when paying 50$ support /month (and we dont mind, raise it if it would allow you to provide “decent” support) you get people like Mathew saying: yes we know and we’ll pass it on…like it’s we are asking for a “nice to have” as opposed to a “need to have”.
        I can give you some other examples with regards to the “like” functionality but already interested how you respond to this. Are you a) aware of this and if so why doesnt this get fixed or b) arent you aware of this?
        Your feedback would be really appreciated.
        Kind regards,

        • Alex Benzer

          Jeroen, thanks for the idea. We’ll definitely look into adding a “Share” feature that references the original content poster in SE Cloud. We’ve had a few discussions about how “Share” would best work, appreciate your input.

          • Jeroen Jasper

            Thanks Alex, and I just hope you see this as an (absolutely) “need to have” as opposed to a “nice to have”. Sharing, I am sad having to explain this, is a crucial functionality of any social network. “We’ll look into it” and “had few discussions” honestly doesnt make me feel like it’s a done deal? Could you explain why this doenst seem to be on top of your list (unless I am wrong)? You see, speed for example, is something we can solve ourselves by adding CPU/memory and for a lot of other functionality we have the third party eco sytem, but for this we absolutely need you guys!

      • Jeroen Jasper

        Hi Alex,
        Would it be possible to get an answer to my feedback, as requested by you? see my answer to your post.
        Kind regards,

      • Jeroen Jasper

        Hi Alex, could you or anyone in your team pls provide feedback. Not using the forum to get free support (TravelClan is paying 50$/ month), just want to get your view on the most elementary basics of social media in SE

      • Jeroen Jasper

        Dear Alex, could you please respond to this post. What’s the use of asking for feedback, or participating in a forum, if you do not respond or react to it?

  • Glenn Ochoa

    I am guessing this is for SE Cloud?

  • Jody Boyer

    They cant even fix chat and they keep adding shit and rip us off

  • Zach

    what the hell man? You guys offer all these cool features but are only doing it for cloud? Not PHP? SERIOUSLY?

    Dude like the comment the guy mentioned below with sharing info/content to post (ajax with tabs) and now this? Look you are leaving us SE4 users in the cold.

    You should have a Daily summary but also have an option for a weekly summary. Also do you have a snap shot of what the email layout would like like and how it would be rendered properly in all email systems?

    • Glenn Ochoa

      The problem now is when they introduce this to SE PHP people will say “there’s a third party plugin for this you should fix the core blah blah” – there’s always something to say when they shift gears on either side.

  • Ed Ferrigan

    Id recommend using what has been tested on LinkedIn. I can choose daily or weekly and maybe even monthly.

  • Joan

    NEW SE CLOUD FEATURE NEEDED: We’ve just signed up to SE CLOUD and love the board (pinterest styled)
    theme but discovered that paid subscriptions/member billing is not
    available. When we looked to buy SE PHP (which does support member
    billing) we discovered that the board theme is NOT available on SE PHP!
    So we’re caught in between the two platforms. As brand new customers
    looking to develop 3 or 4 social sites we think that SE is missing a
    really big opportunity to allow small network owners to properly
    monetize their sites. If anyone knows a work around for this problem we’d love to know!

    • Drew Frey


      Happy to hear that you like the Board Theme on Cloud and thanks for the great feedback.

      Right now our biggest feature request for SE Cloud is a well documented API that will enable Cloud to incorporate all kinds other sites, making the platform more robust than ever before.

      For the time being if subscriptions is most important to you than the only workaround that I can see is using this PHP Pinterest style theme ::