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SocialEngine PHP 4.3 Released

Fresh from the code quarry! We’ve released the long overdue SE PHP 4.3 upgrade. If you’re a current SocialEngine customer, you can get your hands on it right now from the client area. If you’re not, you can grab a fresh copy here. If you are upgrading, BE SURE to make a complete backup of your site, and avoid upgrading your site while it’s live. It’s always best to copy it to a separate instance where you can deal with any upgrade issues that might arise before rolling it out publicly.

We’ve included a bunch of fixes and some new stuff in SE PHP 4.3 – here’s a consolidated list. You can also check the included changelog for complete details.

New pages added to layout editor:

  • Groups > create
  • Groups > manage
  • Events > create
  • Events > manage
  • Forums > topic > create
  • Videos > manage
  • Videos > create
  • Polls > create
  • Polls > manage
  • Music > manage
  • Music > create
  • Settings > general
  • Settings > networks
  • Settings > notifications
  • Settings > change password
  • Settings > privacy
  • Settings > delete account
  • Classifieds > manage
  • Classifieds > create
  • Blogs > manage
  • Blogs > create
  • Albums > upload
  • Albums > manage
  • Core > search
  • Messages > message > view
  • Forgot password

Bug fixes:

  • Poll options with the highest values don’t display percentages
  • Activity items that are shared now include media type
  • JSON error fixed on admin’s site-wide statistics page
  • Duplicate link title problem (when sharing a SE-generated page on Facebook) now fixed
  • “Number of playlists per page” setting in music plugin fixed
  • Now possible to see who has RSVP’d to an event after viewing event guests
  • Fixed problem with photos persisting in album plugin even after clicking “clear list” or “remove” when uploading photos
  • Fixed problem where clicking “approve all selected” box on Member Management page in admin failed to create new activity items for newly approved members
  • Fixed problem where pagination links would be broken when two widgets of the same kind were placed on the same page
  • Fixed problem where songs within the Music Plugin couldn’t be played on some mobile devices
  • Fixed problem where disabling access to music features in member level settings didn’t hide the “add music” link on the compose message form. “add photo” and “add video” also fixed.
  • Fixed problem where some IE9 users couldn’t post comments.
  • Fixed problem where incorrect menu item was active within Music Plugin.
  • Fixed problem where event invite page went blank due to language pack issues.

New stuff and improvements:

  • Private message compose form now appears as a pop-up modal, instead of it’s own page.
  • Private messages are now searchable.
  • “Check all” box added to private message inbox page.
  • Photos can now be uploaded to the activity feed via mobile devices.
  • Admin’s control panel layout refactored and improved
  • Added individual privacy level settings for each profile field on the user’s edit profile page.

Let us know what you guys think. Again, please be careful when upgrading and make a COMPLETE backup – and avoid upgrading on your live site. We’ll be rolling out another SE PHP upgrade in less than 1 month which will include many more improvements, including a major frontend overhaul for the default theme.



  • skidpics

    Awesome guys! Thanks!

  • Guest

    As promised as done, that is good approach alex, thank you so much. Now, we wait the API that we asked you. Some feedback about the API developement will be appreciate.

  • skidpics

    Based on a email discussion, perhaps the search feature needs a bit of an overhaul, since I am not getting full search results. Perhaps add it as a google based search?

  • Ryan Olson

    Well lets hope this actually works!

  • Excellent Deals

    As promised as done, that is good approach alex, thank you so much. Now, we wait the API that we asked you. Some feedback about the API development will be appreciated.

  • thatmtnman

    whooooo hoooo! Thank you guys!

  • Godrifle

    Will test shortly. Thanks for the continued updates Webligo!

  • Ryan Olson

    Well my first comment was deleted so lets try this again. I am in the middle of testing the update on my development server. I will let everyone know what happens shortly!

  • Ahmed Barrani

    greatttt :)

    looking forword more imporvement in messaging and the search

  • FrancoB

    Great news. Will upgrade later today and give some feedback here.

  • Keshav Modi

    this update seems to be gr8.
    installing it, meanwhile will you be finally giving an API in next php update?

  • FrancoB

    Ok, done the upgrade to 4.3 and here is the first bug:

    Can’t view inbox of messages :-(
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/xxxxx/ on line 22

    • ShaunHarding

      That error message is missing a lot of important information. Can you submit a support ticket for this, or send an email to including the full error message?

    • Paul Angel

      I am having the same issue and have submitted a bug report as well

    • skidpics
  • Mj Malik

    New stuff & improvements are great. Please try to add “Browse Members” page in layout Editor too.

    • Federer Zeninho

      Definitely agree with you, this is very cool feature, especially for dating and we should be able to edit.

  • Edward

    Should exclude privacy from name and gender………

    • Demetrios Fotographia

      I would like to know how this is done as well.

  • Jonathan Rojas Garcia

    Great work, thank you very much guys… a rock-solid platform is always more important to us than anything else.

    • SocialEngine

      Thank you for your loyalty! More to come…

  • b-school

    Thumbs up… look forward to the major overhaul


    Looking forward to seeing this in action! (If this message posts)

  • Sabit


    After upgrading SE 4.2.9 to SE 4.3.0 and all Addons the music player can not play.

    what can I make the music player works?

    I use facehook theme

    Best Regards

    Sabit M.

    • ShaunHarding

      Just tested the music player on my installation and it does appear to be working. Would you mind submitting a support ticket for this, or sending an email to so that we can take a look?

    • Sean Arani

      I would also like to point out that the music player on my site works fine too.

  • rumak83

    Great! 4.3 is looking good but the message inbox url doesn’t work

    • ShaunHarding

      Can you submit a support ticket for this, or send an email to so that we can take a look? Thanks.

  • Ryan Olson

    Well completed my upgrade. They made some changes in the admin panel to the css, which while nice it should have been made to be more consistant with the cloud features. It is just too bad SE PHP is turning into a “toy” project and Cloud is getting all the attention. I would have loved to see the Admin Panel actually get some real attention.

    As for the update on the front end. Yes, some of the features are nice. It did clean up some random issues we have been having and I did notice some php errors I was getting in my system logs are now gone. I am glad to see they delivered what they promised, however I wish They would not censor their comments. It is very disappointing when you expect it to be an open forum and you find out the company is just showing the good things to hide their mistakes on this update being about 4 months late.

    Other than that I am glad to see some progress and I would like to see what the update in a month will include and maybe some form of a formal commitment in writing to us as a community when updates will be released.

  • Jung Ho Kim

    Anyone having issues with messaging, check this page out –

    • saii

      i seriously have

  • Guest

    Two Thumbs up..upgrade completed no isses found and I detect a much faster and smoother site than I had before..great job my faith restored. thnak you.

    • Drew Frey

      Happy to hear it!

    • SocialEngine

      Very glad to hear that :)

    • saii

      The site is a bit fast than compared yesterday…its nice but still look for more pop-up boxex than a opening a differnt page

  • tcartr

    Two Thumbs up..upgrade completed no issues found and I detect a much faster and smoother site than I had before..great job my faith restored. thank you.

  • Hesborne

    @ShaunHarding:disqus Thnx alot guys. Its nice to see some progress and so we dont feel left in the cold, abandoned or left behind. We hope to continue working progressively and collectively for the future upgrades, updates and fixes to make SE PHP the greatest of all. We are anxiously looking forward to the API in the next release SE PHP 4.4 . Thumbs up. . .

    • SocialEngine

      Thank you!!

  • Ten8Industries

    Great Update! A lot of my issues have been fixed. Maybe consider updating the FlowPlayer to HTML5 so user uploaded videos work on iOS devices?

  • Jazzman

    Quick question for those who installed the new version. Has the option to display all comments within the activity feed instead of going to another page been implemented?

    I am referring to the “View all comments” link that displays on a post when there are more than 5 comments on the post. Instead of simply sliding down and showing all the comments, the user is taken to another page to view them all (not sure what the logic behind that is actually).

    I am having this corrected on my site but I would love to see it as part of the SE core. It is something seemingly small but it is rather annoying. We should at least have the option. I was just wondering if SE did anything with that.

    Thanks for the info

  • Everyone News

    After upgrade 4.3 I found an issue with
    Twitter Integration. Take a look.

    • Drew Frey

      Could you be a little bit more specific? Have you lost connection to Twitter completely?

      • Ryan Olson

        Drew – it is an OAuth issue. Getting the time old “Failed getting token and token secret from response”

        I have checked my server and the timezone and time is set right but from there I am not sure of the issue. Facebook seems to be working however.

        • Drew Frey

          @google-99c3d56ad2f426bebeb76dc62142b465:disqus here’s how you can fix the problem with Twitter integration: Thanks!

          • Simon Emery

            I have installed the new Auth files as above but issue still not resolved I now get the following:

      • Everyone News

        I got two websites on SE platform and after installation 4.3 both of those websites were not be able to integrate with twitter. (Failed getting token and token secret from response)

        I checked all installation and everything looks good. Need help.
        In box message page also has problem.


    • Edward

      i have that problem too

    • saii

      same here….i have problem with twitter integration, though not happy with the upgrade there is no other scope to adjust

  • Bryce De Nyce

    hello, have you made any changes on Facebook and twitter integration, because these features are very useful disappeared from my site and I can not find more in the adjustment of my parameters??? otherwise good work again!!

  • Drago Duller

    Twitter connect is showing a ‘Failed getting token and token secret from response’ error

    • skidpics


  • gabry

    I have installed 4.2.7 version with a lot of plugins and speed of the website is very good … now i have installed a fresh 4.3.0 version without plugins and i can say that the speed is very very low … and all that i try to upload (music,pictures etc.) is not saving after hit the save button …

    • skidpics

      Is your HTML compression on?

      • gabry

        Yes it was on … and now i have seen that making it off now is working … thank you for your reply !

  • Julien

    Thanks guys, I will test it soon too. Waiting to hear more about a fix for the messaging issue and more details about the apparent twitter/facebook integration issues.

    • skidpics

      should be fixed. there is a p1 update already. I installed and had no problem, including hte Fb amd Twitter..

      • Everyone News

        I have problem with Twiter

  • Osei

    well i havent gotton time to test this release yet but i am impressed so far keep up the good work ….

  • alaa

    thanks so much it is a great work guys, any ideas to allow attachments(like PDF, DOCX,…) in private messaging ??

  • Simon

    Hello Socialengine team, PLEASE can you look at a bug with twitter integration as after upgrading to 4.3.0 and 4.3.0p1 Twitter integration is no longer working. Also emails are not working, new members are not receiving emails. Thanks………

    • Drew Frey

      @disqus_rBL7zqPXm3:disqus , Twitter recently made a change in their API a few days ago. Here’s some information on how you can get your Twitter integration back on track with 4.3:

  • Dave Gilbert

    nice update but is anyone else having issues with photo uploads to the albums for some reason my site says it uploads them but then delivers nothing the image is missing and nothing is added

    • skidpics

      Might try turning off HTML compression in admin settings. If it’s on, this could do it.

  • Edward

    @freydrew:disqus do we get the fix for 4.3.0 .. (twitter | Name and gender privacy)

  • Drew Frey

    Hey everyone. We noticed that there has been a few problems re: Twitter since the update. That’s because a few days ago Twitter started enforcing the URLs to exchange oAuth tokens to use HTTPS. (Thank you Jung Ho Kim for this btw)

    So here’s some more information on how you can fix this:

    Thanks everyone

    • skidpics

      That fix gives me this error: Unable to connect to ssl:// Error:

    • skidpics

      That fix didn’t work for me. Saving in admin settings, I get Unable to connect to ssl:// Error: and I also still get the error page.

    • skidpics

      I came across a discussion for magento that talks about re-compile Apache/PHP to enable OpenSSL support? Do you guys think this might be the other problem with the error I just posted?

    • salvatore t.

      Fixing both files i find this error: ‘Unable to connect to ssl:// Error:’ Of course Twitter is not working at all!

  • Drew Frey

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention @facebook-100003019925389:disqus . Here’s how you can fix it and get Twitter back online:

    • salvatore t.

      I had the same issue (‘Failed getting token and token secret from response’ ) and i tried to fix replacing the files as Drew said. It shows now: ‘Unable to connect to ssl:// Error:’. So what’s wrong again?

  • skidpics

    Bullets do not show in forum posts. It is an option on the tinymce panel though.

  • juan

    not allowed to translate in Spanish so I have traducido from the language editor and does not translate


    All Members


    Only Me

  • Nick Swartz

    Thank you for the product Webligo. Admin page seems to work a lot more efficient, good new additions and bug fixes.

  • Glen

    Does this work on iPhone? “Photos can now be uploaded to the activity feed via mobile devices.”

  • skidpics

    Who else is experience triple spacing on sent messages???:

  • Jung Ho Kim

    Hey guys,
    For those who are getting “Unable to connect to ssl://″ I went ahead and updated the Twitter patch post:

    • salvatore t.

      great job! Ok now thanks…

  • Jung Ho Kim

    @facebook-1297784547:disqus I am not sure if you saw my comment but I updated the article.

  • Patrick


    BUG: “Check all” box added to private message inbox page. + Added individual privacy level settings for each profile field on the user’s edit profile page >>>> In both updates the texts are not translatable.

    Beside of that great update, thank you very much!


    BIG BIG ISSUE! (or maybe Im just wrong here) … When we create custom Profile Questions does this delete the Privacy Options? Because if so, I’m really in trouble. I just uploaded my Profile Types from last version 4.2.x via mySQL but when I go to update profile information, don’t see the options to make public, private, ect. I really need some help here. The custom Profile Questions took me hours to create!

  • Beckie Cannons

    This is a great release – nice and smooth upgrade too and I’m in test… but… is there a way to TURN OFF the privacy on fields? I can’t find the setting to turn it off! Grrr

  • Crow

    Well they’ve gone and broke the twitter integration…


    This is fantastic, it’s great to see so much effort going into SocialEngine PHP now, as well as questions being answered in the comments, I think It’s great! As most of us have purchased Social Engine plus most if not all of the plugins, spending more money for support just doesn’t feel right.


  • Dan

    Hi, can you please update the demo at to the latest 4.3 version? I like to see it working before I upgrade.

  • Edward

    Please add google cloud storage and sql to the core

    • Rahul

      Yes its a good thinking… hink they use api no ftp service for storages, socialengine need a lot of core updation like API, Speed and Ajax services for the forms.

  • skidpics

    Speed is what we need. Any thoughts? Even converting the language strings to the php array has no effect..

  • thatmtnman

    this was just an excellent update you guys! thank you so much!

  • thatmtnman

    hey I wanted to ask anyone, if they are using Google fonts with SEphp? If you are, where do you put the link to google fonts? I tried dropping it into the template in modules>core> layout and IE9 choked on it and blew the page. Any suggestions?


    Hey! Thanks for allowing us to add our first Module – the new Request Inviter SE PHP to your Marketplace. ( …a little self buzz here… We look to add a few more very soon! Also don’t forget about us in the PHP world!!