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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Developer Spotlight: WebHive

This developer spotlight features WebHive, an experienced development team for SocialEngine. They provide customization services as well as plugins for the SocialEngine community. Let’s get started!

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We Won!

A little while ago we sent out a tweet to you guys letting you know that we were in the running for CMS Critic‘s People’s Choice Award for Best Social Networking Solution. The turnout was absolutely fantastic and we ended up winning! Check out the full article here. We wanted to thank CMS Critic  for […]

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Customer Spotlight: SurfAir

With the advent of on-demand ride sharing services like Lyft or Uber, it only makes sense that the next logical extension of this revolution in transportation would extend to to the skies. SurfAir is truly one of the most intriguing companies that I have run across in recent years offering a monthly subscription service for […]

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Ask John: Send Us Your Questions!

Hello, SocialEngine fans. This blog post brings back our Ask John spotlights, which highlights questions from you, our community, for our lead developer, John. For anyone who doesn’t know, John is the lead architect behind both SE Cloud and SE PHP. He knows the source code and everything else inside and out, so we’re opening […]

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How To Create an Online Community

So you want to create a social network, and you want it to be vibrant. What are some things you can do to make sure you’re successful? First, you have to accept that humans are tricky things. You can’t write a formula for how to grow a community, or at least if you can, I’ve […]

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Customer Spotlight:

Anyone who has ever utilized the internet for any purpose whatsoever is keenly aware of the ubiquity of animal pictures and videos. They are absolutely everywhere. Be it cute pictures of cats with apparently atrocious grammar or simply watching this video on loop for hours on end, there is not a human in possession of […]

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