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Monthly Archives: June 2014

June 2014 SocialEngine Keep it Rolling Update

Short Recap of June Mike is back and we are all glad to have him brewing up his magic again …and because Mike was out Stepan didn’t do jack but work and sleep. I did see he was slightly sunburned so maybe he actually did something outside this weekend, but he won’t tell us Jason went […]

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SocialEngine PHP Video Sharing Module 4.8.5p1 Bugfix Released

Today we’re releasing a quick fix to address the issue with Video Sharing Module being unusable without the mobile module. The update is simple, please go to your customer area, and download the SocialEngine PHP Video Sharing Module 4.8.5p1. Sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused.

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SocialEngine PHP 4.8.5 Released

Today I am happy to announce immediate availability of SocialEngine PHP 4.8.5. Well, its technically 4.8.4, but we messed up so to not take any chances, today we’re releasing 4.8.5. The theme of this update is to bring uploading to mobile, while improving upon previous release of HTML5 video and various quality of life additions. […]

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May Community Roundup

Greetings all! In efforts to help support our community, we are going to start posting a monthly update on the general happenings in the land of SocialEngine. We hope to use this update as a platform to show off the great new things that people are building using SocialEngine. So here you go! Check out […]

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May 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

This is our first monthly Keeping it Rolling Update post, which now puts us on the hook for delivering every month. The intent is to give insights to our immediate past and future release updates for both SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud, in addition to giving a peek into priorities we are working on, things happening around the […]

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