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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Leverage Online Communities to Enhance Crowdfunding Q&A

Try SocialEngine for six weeks free, visit Most popular crowd funding sites, including Kickstarter, Gofundme, indiegogo and Crowdrise offer a variety of tools to engage your audience.  These include the ability to describe your campaign with words, visuals, videos and, of course, rewards.      A Community Platform Makes It Easier to Answer Common […]

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Keeping Your Crowdfunding Audience Engaged and Happy

So you’ve successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign – congratulations! But now what? How are you supposed to keep your fans engaged while you try to focus on actually completing your project, especially knowing that most crowdfunding projects don’t make their target shipping dates?   A custom social community can solve a lot of problems crowdfunding […]

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Communities Increase Your Odds of Crowdfunding Success

There are several ways online community can increase the money you raise with crowdfunding: Community can help you before you begin crowdfunding by polishing your ideas and your presentation to raise funds Community can do something very important… it can grow your network so that during fundraising the money comes in quickly… and that is […]

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Crowdfunding: What You Need to Keep the Post-Campaign Momentum Going

      Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to build buzz around your start-up, art project or social cause. But what happens when that campaign is over? It’s often difficult to keep the momentum going in the lag between raising money and fulfilling your project goals.   Customer Social Networks Drive Engagement You don’t actually […]

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September Community Roundup

Hey everyone! September is over so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community! New Add-ons and Updates: Ultimate Social Music Solution – Add a music player to your site with this wonderful plugin! PHPfox Importer – The PHPfox Importer for SocialEngine will transfer your data and content […]

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Build an Online-Offline Community, Exceed Crowdfunding Goals

The best way to collaborate is with community. In the world of crowdfunding and online connectivity, community can be defined as any group of people who share your passion, hobby or vision enough that they are willing to open their wallet and chip in. In other words they are willing to “show you the money.”   An online […]

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Celebrating  Ning and PHPfox Import Scripts with 10 Days of 10% Off SocialEngine PHP

    Over the past couple of months SocialEngine has made available importer scripts for Ning 2.0 and PHPfox.   In celebration for the first 10 days of October (Oct 1 – 10) we are offering 10% off your purchase of SocialEngine PHP. Use code “SocialEnginePHP10″ at checkout to SAVE 10%.   The Ning and PHPfox scripts have been […]

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