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Celebrating  Ning and PHPfox Import Scripts with 10 Days of 10% Off SocialEngine PHP




Over the past couple of months SocialEngine has made available importer scripts for Ning 2.0 and PHPfox.


In celebration for the first 10 days of October (Oct 1 – 10) we are offering 10% off your purchase of SocialEngine PHP. Use code “SocialEnginePHP10″ at checkout to SAVE 10%.


The Ning and PHPfox scripts have been widely applauded from the developer community.

Here are a few samples of the reviews on the PHPfox importer script:

In both cases, experts from each platform volunteered their time, energy and effort to help our development team, and that of SocialEngineAddOns, ensure the scripts were thoroughly tested. Much love to them.

For those of you considering alternatives for your Ning and PHPfox sites we now have a easy migration path to SocialEngine.

Ning Importer Script Info:
Check out our Ning Importer article, or refer to this video tutorial created by Ex Creators the Ning experts who helped SocialEngine test the import script.

PHPfox Importer Script Info:
The PHPfox importer script is being offered by SocialEngineAddOns. Access the script here.

Enter code “SocialEnginePHP10″ at checkout and save 10% off SocialEngine PHP.


The SocialEngine Team.

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  1. Posted October 6, 2015 at 12:22 am | Permalink

    To celebrate the release of PHPfox Import Script, we’re offering an Exclusive Limited-Time 15% Discount on purchase of all SocialEngineAddOns Plugins & Themes until Saturday, October 10 with the below Coupon Code (Note: This discount will not apply on Subscriptions and our highly discounted Product Kits & Packages.):

    Coupon Code: SocialEnginePHP10

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