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Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Benefits of Interest-based Communities

Communities have always existed. Since humanity first began communities were called tribes, which were a group of individuals banning together against the elements. People in these nomadic groups then created their own religions, cultures, and ideals in order to form a sense of belonging as well as structure. In today’s high tech world we look […]

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How the Use of Emoji can Connect Your Community

Times have changed, and more and more people want to get a point across as quickly as possible. Enter the emoji. No longer just a silly little icon that kids use, the emoji has become a staple in everyday communication for all ages. Many people believe that using them is too unprofessional, but here is […]

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3 Ways Custom Social Networks Enhance Crowdfunding Campaigns

Crowdfunding platforms are used in many different ways for many different purposes, but all can be enhanced with a custom social network. What makes crowdfunding work is the many people who contribute small amounts of money toward a purposed goal, so creating a way for these people to interact and be further engaged only enhances […]

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SocialEngine PHP 4.8.12 is here!

We’re happy to announce the release of SocialEngine PHP 4.8.12. This release comes with a bunch of fixes that include some important security vulnerabilities, some warnings, notices and other small issues. Security of your websites is our responsibility and we take such issues very seriously. This is why we dedicated our technical team to get […]

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SocialEngine now provides 7 Days a week Support

One of the biggest challenges in customer support is to be available to respond quickly and efficiently to every incoming issue. This challenge is one that is not to be taken lightly and after much planning and deliberation, we are happy to announce that we are able to offer technical support 7 days a week! […]

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June Community Roundup

Hey everybody! Here’s a quick recap of what is happening in the SocialEngine Community in the month of June. New Add-ons and Updates: Advanced Members Plugin – Enhanced Searching, Reviews, Compliments, Members Verification & Location – This Advanced Members Plugin provides you all the features required to increase member engagement on your website – Follow Members, […]

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Reaching Out to Your Post Crowdfunding Community

So you’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign and get the world to help you fulfill a need, or a dream? Well, it’s not over once the campaign ends. Those donors are now a community, your community, and you’ll need to stay in touch with them. They will want to stay in touch with each […]

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