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Monthly Archives: August 2016

5 Most Important Features Of A Modern CMS

A great social network relies on presentation to draw people in. Poor presentation is always noticed, and it will hurt your following. If you want to build a social network and enjoy the benefits of a having an organic marketing engine, it must fit with your organization’s branding. Choosing the right content management system (CMS) will make all the difference. An […]

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5 Types of Hashtags and When To Use Them

Hashtags are fantastic marketing tools and fickle beasts that can destroy a carefully laid plan. As with every community building based marketing strategy, it takes a lot of work to make hashtags appear natural. Plan ahead and create hashtag guidelines for your company with specific tags and a little room to improvise. Here are 5 of our favorite hashtag categories and some […]

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Five Steps to a Successful Branded Community

Companies wishing to create a community bond between themselves and their consumers should consider branding their businesses online. A branded community is marketing focused on nurturing the attachment a customer can experience towards a product or brand. Below are steps to ensure building a successful branded community. Don’t look at your branded community as a marketing strategy, but […]

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5 Advantages of a Custom Social Network

Social media is a fast-growing segment of online interaction in almost all demographics. Everyone from teenagers to senior adults is participating on social media in some fashion. However, there are problems inherent with using large social media sites to interact with other people online. These problems include lack of privacy, topic focus and difficulty with […]

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July Community Roundup

Hey everybody! Here’s a quick recap of what is happening in the SocialEngine Community in the month of July. New Add-ons and Updates: Advanced Blog Plugin – This plugin provides advanced features for writing blogs on your websites – custom Publish date, custom URL for blogs, location, multiple photo upload, reviews, etc.   Reactions and Stickers Plugin […]

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Nominate SocialEngine PHP for 2016 CMSCritic Awards

Its that time of year again! Awards season is back. Last year, thanks to all your support we won the “Best Social Network Software” award by a huge margin! This year we want to do it again and more, but it can all happen with the help of our amazing community. Nominations for this year […]

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7 Benefits of Interacting with Interest-Based Communities

Interest-based communities invite interaction that goes far beyond a “like” or a “share.” This interaction benefits you — and others in the community — in many ways, personally, socially, and professionally. Socially 1. Friend Finder Even for the most outgoing, finding friends with whom you share a passion can pose a problem. Joining an interest […]

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