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5 Advantages of a Custom Social Network


Social media is a fast-growing segment of online interaction in almost all demographics. Everyone from teenagers to senior adults is participating on social media in some fashion. However, there are problems inherent with using large social media sites to interact with other people online. These problems include lack of privacy, topic focus and difficulty with in-depth discussions.

A custom social network can be a solution to many of these problems, and it is also a great way to create a specialized community for a niche topic. Here are 5 reasons to create a custom social network:

1. Closed Community

If your network is designed for a specific community such as students of a university, club members or teachers at an elementary school, then a custom social network is ideal. The network will only be open to your closed community and you can have discussions that only those members can see.

2. Privacy

A custom social network has better privacy control than sites such as Facebook. Even though Facebook has privacy measures, there are still ways to get around many of them. A custom social network would not be indexed or searchable on the internet unless you wanted it to be.

3. Focused Topic

It is difficult to have focused discussions on open networks because anyone can join the conversation. On a custom social network, members can have a tightly focused discussion about a niche topic that only members are interested in.

4. Building a Community

If you are building a community around a project, organization or group, a custom social network gives you a way to interact with others without having to use email or phone. Everything from the project is in one place, making it easy to access for everyone working on it.

5. Branding

Custom social networks allow you to use your own branding to market your company or organization. You can use your own colors, logo and sometimes even have your own ads.

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