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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Crowdfunding: Beyond Fundraising

From traditional fundraising and peer-to-peer loans to the emerging models of consumer-to-business and marketplace loans, the potential of crowdfunding is seemingly limitless. A Needs Business Crowdfunding can be thought of, simply, as the process of pooling funds together to support a cause, creative project or even a product. While this idea is not new it […]

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Relationships and the 6 “R’s”: the Foundation and Keys for Community Management

People are the foundation of and the reason for community, so how better to grow yours than by reaching out to new people and strengthening involvement with member you already have? Capitalizing on both well-established and new relationships lays a strong foundation for future growth. And incorporating the following six important “R’s” into your growth […]

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Dedicated Community Management, the Key to Taking Your Branded Community to the Next Level

Every business owner, CEO or executive board would love to have a customer base as loyal as the online and offline communities that surround brands like Harley Davidson and Apple. For these customers, money is no object. In many cases, neither is time or a personal life. These customers will stand in line overnight just […]

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August Community Roundup

Hey everybody! Here’s a quick recap of what is happening in the SocialEngine Community in the month of August. New Add-ons and Updates: Personal bookmarks – This plugin allows your users to add their favorite pages, into special tab. Advanced Events Plugin – With this plugin your users can create both online (webinars) and offline (having location) Events […]

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6 Community Management Tips for Your Social Accounts

There’s a lot of talk these days about community building as marketing strategy. One of the main components is growing a social media following. The same marketing and community management best practices hold true for most every social site from Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, LinkedIn, and beyond. Here are our 6 community management […]

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