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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fantastic Social Features for a Successful Online Community

When building an online community, social features are an essential part of the mix. They can help establish a loyal membership, help you to advertise via free media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc) and help your users connect in meaningful ways. One of the reasons we’re SocialEngine is that we give you these tools to help […]

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New E-Commerce Marketplace Details

Hello Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Over the past couple days we have received a few questions so we wanted to take some time to provide a bit more detail regarding the new E-Commerce Certified Marketplace. Marketplace Reasoning When we purchased SocialEngine one thing became very clearly right off the bat, we […]

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Unique Community Management Strategies

It is common for digital entrepreneurs to focus on metrics like page views, social media likes, and social shares when in actuality, none of this matters to your bottom line as much as your community engagement does. One of the most important factors in your company’s profitability is the strength of your community. Running a […]

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Website Progress Update

Hello Everyone! We recently rolled out our website relaunch and got some great feedback. We want to thank all of you that have contacted us with issues, feedback and concerns. As many have been asking about the Certified Marketplace and other issues, we wanted to update you all about the progress. Certified Marketplace Our team […]

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Our Relaunch Has Happened!

As many of you know, we have been working on a giant transformation over here at SocialEngine. We have been working with third party developers customers alike to bring to you all a brand new e-commerce and certified 3rd-party developer platform that will be instrumental in the future growth of SocialEngine and the forthcoming marketplace. […]

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Using Influencer Marketing as an Online Community Management Strategy to Stimulate Growth

One of the best ways to stimulate growth in your branded or crowdfunding social community is to invite social influencers to join your community. When you really think about it, asking someone to simply join an online community is one of the easiest call-to-actions for anyone to answer, “yes,” to. In addition, when you add […]

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Welcome Raymond to Our Team!

We are very happy to welcome Raymond Benc, founder of PHPFox on board as our newest team member! Some of you may be aware that he recently announced his resignation from phpFox. After some discussions around what SocialEngine is doing and how he could add value to the team he has accepted a position on […]

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Using Storytelling to Engage in Community Management

Writing for the Huffington Post, author and business leader Peter Friedman brought up how businesses can create engaging relations with their customer bases through storytelling elements. Storytelling is one of the most ancient of human activities, and we all engage in story in our everyday lives, from viewing a TV show or movie, to recounting just […]

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The Results are in! SocialEngine Wins “Best Social Network Software” Award!

We are ecstatic to announce that SocialEngine has again won the 2016 CMS Critic People’s Choice Award for “Best Social Network Software”! The SocialEngine team would like to express our thanks to everyone that nominated and voted for us. We have a great community and couldn’t have done it without all of you supporting us. It’s […]

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Creating an Effective Community Strategy Canvas

Truly effective businesses encourage their customers to get involved. When paying customers feel involved and valued, they want to contribute to the business’s further success. In addition, successful businesses learn from their customer base about how best to serve it in ways that align with the business’s mission. Creating and hosting an online social community […]

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