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4 Tips for a More Engaged Community

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Today, communities are becoming the new hot spot for real conversations. Growing an active and engaged online community gives your brand a captive audience. Done correctly, engaged users are invaluable to building a loyal following and gaining real insight.

As you dive in and begin building your new community, keep these tips in mind every step of the way.

1. Be There for the Members, Not the Sales

An online community doesn’t need new products or sales copy. It needs support for when the product launches, feedback from ideal clients, and a cheering section for daily wins! Keep it all about genuine connection and problem-solving.

2. Keep it Exclusive

With so many large social media sites overrun with users, the benefit of a smaller group is so every member can add value and be seen as an individual. No need to invite an entire contact list here. Simply spread the word to relevant connections and the community will grow organically.

3. Encourage Transparency

Online communities are built on trust. That trust has to come from you as you lead them through tough questions, frustrations, wins, and losses. If you show your true thoughts and positive energy, the group will follow your lead.

4. Welcome New Members Wholeheartedly

In real life, it’s pretty easy to set the right tone at an event and smile big with every new guest. Online, you need to put more effort into the welcome wagon. If you’re building an email list of members, use that to send a welcome packet! If not, be sure to personally say hello and point out the FAQs to new folks. A positive first impression makes all the difference.

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