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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Top 5 Pro-Tips for Community Management on Social Media

Community Management on social media is much like maintaining connections within your group of friends. Whether you are just starting out with just a few hundred followers, or balancing thousands of fans, the premise is the same: focus on what makes your audience unique and demonstrate genuine care in your posts and interactions. Here are […]

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4 Ways to Build Your Successful Crowdfunding Community

Crowdfunding allows innovators to harness the power of social media to reach out to potential investors and pool resources to generate capital. By using websites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and MicroVentures (among others) future-leaders are able to pitch ideas to potential investors. The benefits are two-fold: Generate cash to get your idea off the ground Create suspense and interest in […]

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Why it’s Imperative to Create Your Own Branded Community

Terms like “community” and “find your tribe” are the new buzzwords of digital marketers. Newbies will automatically believe these words mean having a large following on social media or simply having high page views on their blog or website. In actuality, community and tribe refer more to the connectedness of the leader and the community […]

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2016 Year End Community Roundup

This year has been so great for everyone over at SocialEngine! After so much time and hard work we were able to re-launch our new website and marketplace giving everyone not only a better experience on the site, but also a more secure buying experience for everyone in the third party market! We are so […]

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Three ways to use community management technology to discover new talent for your team

We’ve already established the importance of building a community around your brand and some tips on how to make it successful. The goal is to bring vibrancy to your brand by connecting members in a forum centered around your company vision. This helps spread brand awareness as followers share and contribute content with their friends and family. However, […]

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4.9 Sneak Peek

Hello! We’ve been burning the midnight oil getting things together for our exciting 4.9 release! As the pieces start to fall into their final places, we’d like to provide you with this Sneak Peek! Are you ready? We’ve got some great improvements and new features to bring your social networking community to a new level! […]

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5 Ways to Relieve Conflict in Your Community

As your branded community grows and flourishes with activity, you will inevitably run into some sort of conflict from within. No matter how peaceful your content and connections are, people have differing opinions and will use your platform for discussion. Never fear! Navigating conflict can be a positive experience for your brand and your fans. Just […]

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