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Going Mobile with SocialEngine

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It’s 2017 and the days of rotary phones, dial-up internet and desktop-only website access are pretty much a thing of the past. Consumers these days are on the go and taking their favorite websites with them. From cafe’s to libraries to walking down the street, people are accessing the internet on mobile devices in increasing numbers. What does this mean for you, the community builder?

Today’s websites need to deliver content to devices with varying screen dimensions. They need to be accessible on wide screen devices, notebooks, tablets and smartphones just to name a few. If visitors and members are unable to fully experience a website on their device of choice, they’ll quickly go elsewhere as the web is a plethora of competitive sites all vying for viewership.

No worries though! SocialEngine has the tools to make sure your mobile users are not turned off and instead, tuned in and stay tuned in. On tap for our 4.9.0 release, coming very soon, is a new “responsive” theme, Insignia. What is a “responsive” theme? In layman’s terms, a “responsive” theme is a theme that automatically resizes based on the dimensions of the viewer’s screen. This makes it so that a user with a 42” screen and a user with a 3” screen can view the site without any issues at all. It will look a little different on each screen as some features shift for smaller views, or open for larger views, but the features are easily accessed on any screen.

In addition to our new Insignia responsive theme, there are mobile apps and themes for sale now by third party experts in the SocialEngine Marketplace. From full blown mobile apps, to desktop notifications, you have a broad range of choices to add mobile features to your SocialEngine site right now. Here are a few:


iOS App – Beautiful iOS application will drive more engagement to your network.
Touch-Mobile plugin – Touch-Mobile provides adapted interfaces to improve browsing experience on phone.
Android App – Beautiful Android application will drive more engagement to your network.


Zephyr Theme – Delight your users with a catchy & user-friendly responsive design.
Affinity Theme – A clean and modern responsive design that suits any type of social network


Integrity Theme – Responsive theme with 7 different colors, editable custom landing page and 50+ modification options.
Transformer Theme – Responsive theme a user friendly interface and beautiful design.


Mobile/Tablet Plugin – Display your site on iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, Windows phones etc.
iOS and Android Native Mobile Apps – Get Native iOS & Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine based online community from a top rated Expert.


Browser Push Notifications Plugin – Send push notifications to reach your users even when they are not on your site.
Responsive SpectroMedia Theme – A clean, responsive theme which is suitable for any SocialEngine based website having Music, Video, Photos, Blogs, Classifieds, etc.

As you can see, going mobile with SocialEngine is easy! Contact any of the talented Experts listed above and watch for our upcoming 4.9 release with the awesome Insignia responsive theme! Don’t have SocialEngine yet? Grab your free trial today!


  1. Posted February 3, 2017 at 6:00 am | Permalink

    2016 was a ‘Go Mobile’ year for SocialEngineAddOns too.
    We’ve been actively working on making our Native Mobile Apps a perfect solution for taking your online communities to another level.

    Our “iOS and Android Mobile Apps for SocialEngine” ( ) can help you get engaging apps for your community very quickly.

    We have also recently released a “Browser Push Notifications Plugin” for SocialEngine that drives traffic and engagement on your website with the nascent form of marketing via Push Notifications.

  2. Nagendra
    Posted February 3, 2017 at 9:52 am | Permalink

    When we will expect the release…

  3. Posted February 6, 2017 at 8:01 am | Permalink

    Hi Nagendra,

    Thank you for posting. We are working hard to get everything finished for a beta release and then working towards stable release. We don’t have a time for release yet but please feel free to check our community, and subscribe to our blogs as we will post as soon as we have more details.

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