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SocialEngine Announces Anti-Piracy Commitment

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Good day!

We hope your spring has been beautiful thus far! Here at SocialEngine, we’ve been busy with some key improvements to our policies and websites. One such improvement is our commitment to fighting piracy.

Piracy, for those that are not familiar, is the illegal sharing of products – mainly digital in nature. Our product is a licensed, paid product and the fees from licenses and license renewals (when applicable) go towards helping us continue to develop our platform. Piracy is responsible for removing a substantial amount from our revenue stream which slows down our ability to give you all the new features and updates that everyone wants. As such, we are taking a much stronger stand against illegal use and distribution of our product.

In our investigations, we’ve also seen the products of experts from our marketplace being shared and distributed on various pirate sites and many people participating in sharing of those products. In an effort to protect the valued experts in our community, part of our anti-piracy efforts will also involve those products whether they are paid or free.

Our TOS (Terms of Service) is being updated to include our efforts to fight illegal distribution or use of our products and those of experts in our marketplace. We will be actively sending DMCA orders, removing access to our marketplace and community, and pursuing other legal avenues for anyone that we discover is partaking in piracy after thorough investigations are performed. We’ve also updated our Marketplace TOS. Please read all of our documents in order to be aware of the new policies.

We have created a new tool for checking whether a URL has a valid license. It will only give a true or false result and will not give out any client information. Should there be a site with an invalid license, the tool will allow submitting that URL to our Piracy Department. This tool will help any of you to assist in our fight against piracy. You can also contact our Piracy Department to send info about piracy activities via our Contact Us page.

We appreciate your efforts to help us stomp out piracy!


  1. hanya
    Posted June 6, 2017 at 2:44 pm | Permalink

    One of the reasons is, the price to buy your official license is very expensive. That’s why many people use your nulled platform, and they do it very clean.
    Just imagine, for the price of your essential license for $ 299, not to mention plugins from third parties, spend thousands of dollars ,, not including hosting rental fee ..
    I think, many parties do nulled it to be used on their respective sites, because it can not afford to pay your license.
    I’m also trying on your nulled platform, even though I’m just trying it, have not applied it to my website yet. Because you and the third party agreed to give a high price for the license.
    But you guys ask for help for us for info about your products ,, that’s weird.
    Come on, friends, help us also if you care about your product piracy.
    Essentially ,, I also want to buy your licensing official, if I can afford it later.
    If I can not afford it, maybe I will also use your nulled product, along with all its plugins.
    I support in the fight against product piracy.
    Lower your license price. Then surely this will be easy to handle.
    Sorry guys, just advice only.

  2. Posted June 7, 2017 at 8:13 am | Permalink

    Hello Hanya,

    Thank you for your post.

    In regards to the price, we did lower it this year. We do have operating costs as well as development costs in order to keep providing updates and new features. As such, we do need to have this at a price. We do provide some sales at various times of the year as well.

    If it still seems too high, we also offer a very affordable Cloud version for people to use.

    Pirated products tend to have back doors for the hackers to get in and/or take user data; they can have malware that the website owner using a nulled version subjects his/her users to, infecting their computers and however many else it spreads to; they are always at risk of being deleted with various efforts with hosting companies. Is it really worth the risk to your members to use a nulled version?

    Many third party developers are not big companies. They are individuals that are trying to put bread on the table. Why take from them? It’s just not right.

    Have a good day!

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