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Introducing SocialEngine Unite Beta!


We are happy to introduce the next generation of SocialEngine! In a recent post by our mascot, Spencer W. Ebligo, we showed a sneak peek of the newest version of SocialEngine codenamed “Breeze.” While planning this version, we had a few considerations. Our management and developers weighed all options and determined that the best route was to begin the process of merging the SE Cloud and SE PHP products into one platform that takes the best aspects of each and wraps them up into one powerful yet easy to use package.

Over the past year we have carefully re-designed both platforms and combined them into one product with trending features and technology. We also mapped out features that clients have requested at our community and formerly in our GitHub feature request areas. This update brings the ability for SE Cloud clients to also have apps for their sites which was previously not possible.

With this beta launch, our product name will be SocialEngine Unite! A new section has been set up in our client community specifically to address the newest SocialEngine Unite platform.

So without further ado, let’s introduce you to SocialEngine Unite!


You asked for it, you got it! SocialEngine is now one of the fastest social network platforms available. Instant feed loads! Instant notifications! All with negligible load to the server. How is it so fast? By taking full advantage of the latest technology and coding standards. For the tech minded, here are more details:

  • React.js –  We split up blocks of content on a client’s site with widgets. Each widget is comprised of components that only update when needed and can be loaded independently from other components thus rendering the web page visually faster to the user as they are now not required to wait for the entire page to load all of its widgets.
  • Node.js – The big change for SocialEngine and with everything we have been developing with in the past has been the change from PHP (using Apache as the web server) to using Node.js. Before switching over to Node.js the first decision we came to is that we planned on using React and instead of having to maintain and have separate code bases (one of PHP to handle backend and JavaScript for frontend) we could unify our code base to strictly using JavaScript, which is what is used for both Node.js and React. This also allowed us to share certain common functions between both environments.

Switching over to Node.js allowed us to only include dependencies we needed to power our platform and didn’t bloat the server-side environment.

One of the biggest advantages with using Node.js for us has been the ability to utilize its support for websockets with a low memory footprint, which allows us to provide bidirectional communication between users and gives us the opportunity to create instant messaging apps, browser push notifications and much more.

It also gave us the ability to perform certain tasks without delaying the response to the user. One example could be adding a status update. Adding the status update itself does not take much time, however pushing this information to all of the user’s friends for example is something the user does not need to wait around for and is something we can do in the background without having to create an external task.

Full Featured Apps

The requests that got the most votes from clients and the most discussions in our community were in regards to the SEPHP plugins and SECloud features. SEPHP clients asked for plugins with more than basic features. SECloud clients wanted to have the same plugins that SEPHP clients had. Well, here ya go!

With SocialEngine Unite, we’ve mapped out the apps to be full featured. This allows you to set up your site with great features and save time and money. With full featured apps, you can focus your time and money with customizations that will make your site stand out from others without having to spend to get basic features improved.

These advanced apps will be available in the coming months. Currently, SocialEngine Unite ships with with some standard app options that’ll get your community off the ground while you wait for advanced features to come! Your members will enjoy blogs, discussion forums, photos, videos, and much more.


Show me the money! Well, we’ll show you how you can make the money with SocialEngine. SocialEngine Unite brings more opportunity for webmasters to earn with their sites.  Payment gateways PayPal and Stripe are integrated! The SocialEngine Unite E-Commerce app allows you to sell subscriptions to your site and take payments via the most popular payment methods.

Branding and Customization

Change theme colors to match your branding with our easy color picker! You have total control over your site’s colors and layout within the admin panel.

Add static website pages easily in the page manager. SocialEngine Unite even provides the ability to create pages that are json objects right within the admin panel. You can also edit your pages’ HTML!

Fast and Lightweight Mobile PWA

Get a fast mobile website with our lightweight Progressive Web App (PWA) for mobile devices. Progressive web apps are easy to maintain and less costly than traditional mobile apps. With speed in mind, PWA is the way to go!

SaaS Cloud Hosting

Our first release of SocialEngine Unite beta is an SaaS Cloud hosted version which will replace our current cloud platform soon. New clients can start their sites right away on this new platform. Current SE Cloud clients can expect an importer very soon.

Self Hosted Download

We will also offer a self hosted version that you can download and install on your own hosting. If you need to have FTP access to upload files, the ability to extend the SocialEngine Unite engine, this will be for you! This version will have an import for our SE PHP clients. Subscribe to our blog and newsletter to get notified when this version is available in mid to late 2019!

In the Pipeline

We’ve got lots more coming! Here’s what’s on tap:

  • GDPR App – this app will give you tools to manage your website within GDPR guidelines.
  • Full featured apps! Including Blogs, Music, Photo, Video, Groups, Pages, Events, and many many more!
  • Themes! All fully responsive!
  • Language improvements for multi-language sites. Currently, 95% of the website text is translatable!
  • Additional monetization and payment options!

Try SocialEngine Unite Beta FREE for 7 days! Stay tuned for more updates!

Our team wants to thank all of you for being part of the SocialEngine family as we continue on our journey to provide the best in social networking platforms.

SocialEngine Unite brings dreams to reality. It’s not just software, it’s an experience.” ~ Spencer W. Ebligo, SocialEngine Official Mascot