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Spencer’s Adventures – Digging the Certified Marketplace

Howdy friends! How have you all been? I’ve been sniffing around in the marketplace again! There’s so much great stuff there. Here’s what I found next to my favorite squeaky toy:

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Spencer’s Digs: Musical Bundle

Howdy everyone! Did ya miss me? I missed all of you!! I’ve been busy helping the team with spring cleaning. When I saw them moving the furniture around, I figured I would give them a paw. I got all of the furniture out of the other rooms and buried it in the backyard! They were […]

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Spencer’s Adventures – Digging in to the Certified Marketplace

Howdy friends! I’m back! I’ve been having so much fun with the team. James recently bought a new chair and the seat smells like my chew toy! Wow how great that he thought of me when he bought it. It’s much bigger than the other chew toys and makes a funny scrunching sound when I […]

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Spencer’s Adventures – Team Adventures

Hello Everyone! Hope summer has been great for you! It’s been great for me. I’ve been traveling some! I went to visit Kyle in California! I didn’t know he would be away so I chilled with his cat who turned out to be a great surf instructor. Got a little fur and claw marks on […]

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4.10 Roadmap

Hello! It’s time for a roadmap! We know how much you look forward to new releases and in getting information for upcoming ones. We wanted to let you know what’s on tap for version 4.10 and a basic idea of when to expect it. New Features Tagging Members Ability to tag a member in a […]

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Spencer’s SocialEngine Marketplace Adventure

I’m back! Did you miss me? These got pokey under my pillow so I’m going to put them here for you and then take a nap. Here’s the last of what I dug up in my first trip to the marketplace. I’m sure I’ll go back there to play as it’s full of so much […]

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Spencer’s SocialEngine Marketplace Adventure

Psst! I’m back Last time, I showed you some of the great things I found in the marketplace. Those were pretty cool, right? Well, I didn’t show you everything. I brought some back to play with. I’m done playing with these right now so check them out. They might have a few little chew marks […]

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Spencer’s Adventures: Atlas Sneak Peek

Hey! Over here!! Guess what I found? Oh boy you’ll never guess. :DI was sniffing around Ray’s office, it smells of bacon. I love bacon! I found a hidden stash of bacon in his desk so of course after munching on that, I had to look for more. Well, I found… Atlas This new theme […]

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Nominate SocialEngine PHP for the 2017 CMS Critic Awards!

Hello Everyone! Summer is off to an awesome start! That also means it’s time to nominate SocialEngine PHP for the 2017 Best Social Network Software award. Thanks to all of your support, we’ve had the honor of winning this award for the past two years in a row! Our team is humbled by the outpouring […]

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Spencer Explores the SocialEngine Marketplace

Howdy! It’s been a fun week! I’ve been learning to swim! So far, I can do the dog paddle almost like an expert. Great, right? I love to visit the SocialEngine team after a swim! They just get so excited to see me. I thought they all wanted a hug so I obliged each one. […]

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