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The Undeniable Proof of Groups & Custom Social Networks

People naturally come together in groups for a variety of reasons. With the explosion of social media sites, people around the world are finding more and more reasons to form groups around a particular interest. SCIENTIFIC PROOF It’s long been known that people form groups. Last year, Kurt Gray of the University of North Carolina at […]

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Branded Communities and Customer Connections

People have so many ways to access information making it excruciatingly difficult for a brand to hold anyone’s attention.   Which means connecting with people where it matters most is the real balance in a brand’s effort to stay authentic, but remain in front and relevant to the those who matter. Companies using branded communities have an opportunity to create […]

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Interest-Based Communities vs Social Networks = TKO

Life is best spent with those you love and those who share your same interests and passions. The funny thing is, sometimes those two crowds are substantially different. Where Social Communities Fall Short Social-based communities have limitations. For the most part, individuals in these online communities find themselves connected to people with whom they are already acquainted, […]

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Build Your Own Interest-Based Online Community

  Forbes Magazine recently published an article titled, “Are Interest-Based Networks the Way of the Future?” Writer Drew Hendricks explored the idea that people naturally come together and prefer to be with others with whom they have something in common.   “Today, our tribes are often found online. These are the sites where we gather, share information, […]

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Five Reasons to Start a Branded Community

Milllenials and Generation Z have forced many marketers and business owners to realize just how powerful branded communities are as a business strategy. Because these generations grew up with social media and the internet, they expect more meaningful relationships with the companies they chose to buy products from. Though a select few brands have enjoyed brand […]

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