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SocialEngine 4.2.5 – Introducing Quantum and Musicbox Themes

Our minor 4.2.5 update is now ready for download.   Access your account to get started, and please remember to backup your site before upgrading!  Check out the changelog, and here’s a list of highlights.

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SocialEngine 4.2.4 – Clean Code and Two Clean Themes

This month’s release features some great new default themes along with some software improvements. Please check out our changelog for details. 4.2.4 is now available to download, and don’t forget to backup!

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Version 4.1.7 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4.1.7! This version is now available to download from the client login area. In case you missed the features list in our last blog post, here they are again: – Speed optimizations – Direct signups using Twitter & Facebook – Better handling of disabled plugins – […]

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New Bi-Monthly Release Schedule

We are pleased to announce our new bi-monthly release schedule! We have decided to put a little more time into implementing new features and thoroughly testing each new version before release. We feel that an every other month release schedule will cater to this much better than the previous monthly plan. Our programmers are working […]

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Version 4.1.6p2 Release

Version 4.1.6p2 is now available for download from the client area. This version includes fixes for a few issues that came up after the initial 4.1.6 release, including: Potential fatal errors in Facebook API when missing the JSON PHP extension, upgrade errors in the storage system, and missing language on the admin twitter integration page. […]

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Mobile Plugin Debut (and v4.1.4 release)!

I’m happy to announce version 4.1.4 is available for download! I’d also like to introduce our newest addition, the mobile plugin! If you’re new to SocialEngine, you can purchase the mobile plugin via the order page, and if you’re already a client, you can pick it up via the client store. If you’re interested in […]

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Version 4.1.3 Released!

In keeping with our new once-a-month release cycle, version 4.1.3 is now available in the client area. Here’s a list of a few of the bug fixes and features included: Networks: Network titles can now be translated, admins can now list network members, auto-join networks can now have multiple profile values associated Friendships: One-way friendships […]

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SE 4.1.1 Released

We’re right on schedule! SocialEngine clients can now download the new SE 4.1.1 release from the client area. If you’ve got the SE 4.1.0 BETA installed (or an earlier version), we recommend that you upgrade to 4.1.1. If you’re on an earlier version with lots of customizations or third-party addons/mods, you’ll definitely want to check […]

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SocialEngine 4.1 BETA Released with Membership Billing Features

Good news everyone. We’ve finished developing the SE 4.1 BETA – a major update that I know many of you have been awaiting eagerly. SE 4.1 introduces an interesting new way to help you monetize your community. We know that monetizing traffic on niche social websites can take some work, especially with advertising-based methods, so […]

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SocialEngine 4.0.5 Released

The most recent version of SocialEngine is now available for download from the client area. It includes lots of enhancements and bug fixes, including major improvements to the package manager stability, fixes to the FTP file transfer system within the package manager, improved indexing of searchable content and much more. Please continue to report any […]

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