SocialEngine v3.16 Released (login issues fixed)

We’re pleased to announce the release of SocialEngine v3.16. This release includes several important bug fixes. We’ve been hard at work diagnosing an elusive login issue that affected a small minority of clients and we believe the issue has been addressed. Thank you to all those that provided us with helpful information.

The changes include:

– Login/Session issues: cookie domain should no longer change according to (sub)domain of access
– Fixed issue with handling user search when option disabled in admin panel; was causing some users to be absent from popular members
– Fixed blocking issue with replies in messaging system
– Fixed a bug related to long admin name or email
– Fixed blocking issue with replies and issue with “add to friends” link on users’ profile friends list
– Changed the limit at which the “More …” tab appears from 9 to 7 for aesthetics

NOTE: The upgrade script will truncate the session keys table and regenerate the session name to prevent cookie conflict using the new domain detection method.

Please review the changelog to see an exact list of changed files and let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

SocialEngine Team


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