Video: New Pages for 4.1.8 Layout Editor!

The following video showcases the new pages that can now be edited with the Layout Editor. This new feature will be releasing for SocialEngine version 4.1.8

Here is a list of the pages that can be edited with the layout editor:

  1. Site Footer
  2. Site Header
  3. Album Browse Page
  4. Album Photo View Page
  5. Blog Browse Page
  6. Blog List Page
  7. Blog View Page
  8. Chat Main Page
  9. Classified Browse Page
  10. Classified View Page
  11. Contact Page
  12. Forum Main Page
  13. Forum View Page
  14. Group Browse Page
  15. Group Profile
  16. Home Page
  17. Invite Page
  18. Member Home Page
  19. Member Profile
  20. Message Inbox Page
  21. Messages Outbox Page
  22. Music Browse Page
  23. Music Playlist View Page
  24. Poll Browse Page
  25. Poll View Page
  26. Privacy Page
  27. Sign-in Page
  28. Sign up Page
  29. Terms of Service Page
  30. Video Browse Page
  31. Video View Page
  32. Mobile Site Footer
  33. Mobile Site Header
  34. Mobile Group Profile
  35. Mobile Home Page
  36. Mobile Member Home Page
  37. Mobile Member Profile





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