Author: James

  • December 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

    December was a month of climbing to new heights. We are quickly moving toward a beta launch of our new website and code base infrastructure and setting us up for an aggressive 2015 for both our PHP and Cloud products. All the hard work put in over the past six months is coming to fruition. […]

  • November 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

    November is a good month for giving thanks and reflection — and working hard too. Customers: thanks for the ongoing support and involvement in the direction of our products. Developers: truly the greatest asset we have is our network of expert SocialEngine developers. We look forward to launching a new site to help better feature and […]

  • October 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

    October has been extremely busy here at SocialEngine, but not so much we can show a bit life happening around here. Mike has been selling his fresh veggies and eggs harvested from his homestead Stepan got his passport updated (where will he go next?) Kyle has been sporting his new SocialEngine swag at our agency huddles Jason played frisbee golf for […]

  • September 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

    We’ve been busy in September that’s for sure, but that didn’t keep us from having a little fun. Mainly, Alex in a side comment mentioned he could eat 50 McDonalds Chicken McNuggets in an hour. He wasn’t challenging anyone, but Mike and Stepan took it upon themselves to see if he could stand behind his […]

  • August 2014 SocialEngine Keeping it Rolling Update

    Short Recap of August  Kyle took a trip to Tijuana for a friend’s “celebration” and we still have not heard what happened. Apparently Vegas has nothing on Tijuana in the secrecy department James was a guest speaker at his alma mater addressing faculty members about what is expected of students entering today’s work force. To summarize it was […]

  • July 2014 SocialEngine Keeping it Rolling Update

    Short Recap of July James visited Kyle in LA. After breaking bread and consuming a few drinks, they came across an artist stand selling some pretty cool Star Wars art. So Kyle is now a proud owner of a custom R2D2 painting: Alex Herz joined the SocialEngine team as our newest employee in our Boulder office. He’s doing everything […]

  • SocialEngine Marketplace MVP Beta Feedback Request

    As announced in our May 2014 Keeping it Rolling post, we are embarking on creating a SocialEngine Marketplace. We have had many conversations with our customers and 3rd party devs and by overwhelming response we have been asked to create a marketplace where customers can find, purchase and manage their 3rd party add-ons and where our […]

  • June 2014 SocialEngine Keep it Rolling Update

    Short Recap of June Mike is back and we are all glad to have him brewing up his magic again …and because Mike was out Stepan didn’t do jack but work and sleep. I did see he was slightly sunburned so maybe he actually did something outside this weekend, but he won’t tell us Jason went […]

  • May 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

    This is our first monthly Keeping it Rolling Update post, which now puts us on the hook for delivering every month. The intent is to give insights to our immediate past and future release updates for both SocialEngine PHP and SocialEngine Cloud, in addition to giving a peek into priorities we are working on, things happening around the […]

  • SocialEngine PHP 4.8 Released

    Good news everyone! We recently released SocialEngine PHP 4.8 with feature updates and bug fixes. Following are the notes for the SocialEngine PHP 4.8.0 release: Features: Option to hide subscription plans for users after they sign up Upgraded Zend Framework to v1.12.3 Improved the robustness of the email queue Improved compatibility with older FFMpeg versions […]