Client Spotlight: Kim Starks of VoiceBee

“What’s going on?” An easy enough question to answer, yet more people are finding it increasingly difficult to take time out of their busy lives to connect with one another. Take SocialEngine user Kim Starks for example. Kim has always been interested in people and how they interact with one another. She was inspired to create an online… Continue reading Client Spotlight: Kim Starks of VoiceBee

Client Spotlight: Robin Outrilla

In this week’s Client Spotlight, we got to sit-down with someone who has been working tirelessly at giving back to the SocialEngine Cloud community. We are excited to interview Robin Outrilla of AppFarma, another great SocialEngine Cloud community that’s primarily focused on applications in the healthcare space that help you stay fit and monitor your overall well-being.   

Client Spotlight: SportzHype

This latest Client Spotlight features, SportzHype, a community for passionate sports enthusiasts. Launched only a few months ago, this budding sports community is the place to catchup on the latest news about your favorite team, trash-talk your fiercest rival and engage with other rabid sports-fans.

Client Spotlight: Isara

This Client Spotlight features Kirk Gillock from motorcycle helmet campaign; thousands of helmets were donated to improve safety in a country where Kirk says 80 percent of people drive on two wheels. started as a simple website, but now features the Isara community powered by SocialEngine. “The social media features of SocialEngine make it… Continue reading Client Spotlight: Isara