Client Spotlight: realMotocross

Yes! It’s been a few months, but our Client Spotlight series is back featuring Iain Grae from realMotocross. Iain shares how his community unites motocross fans, riders and racers, both online and off (you know, where the dirt is!). Members can find sponsors, create race resumes, review motocross tracks and products, receive discounts on merchandise,… Continue reading Client Spotlight: realMotocross

Client Spotlight: MySaxTalk

This Client Spotlight features Mr. Melvin Llord of MyMusicTalk. Being a saxophone player myself, I was interested to checkout MySaxTalk, a community of around 1500 saxophonists, to see how musicians interact online. Growing up, I played in bands from grade school to university, and even took private lessons at a local music shop for many… Continue reading Client Spotlight: MySaxTalk

Client Spotlight: White Coat Connect

Interested in how our clients approach creating a social network? Our latest Client Spotlight features an interview with the founders of (, a network for health-care professionals. These two medical students and a tech-savvy brother explain their idea and how they plan to launch it. Here’s Carlos Silva, and Edmond and Armond Petrossian! SocialEngine: How… Continue reading Client Spotlight: White Coat Connect

Client Spotlight: 1000fraggers

As a continuation of our Client Spotlight series, here is our second installation featuring Guy Gayford of 1000fraggers (, a multiplayer gaming network to connect, share and play. Here’s Guy! SocialEngine: What made you decide to start 1000fraggers, and what makes your videogame community unique? Guy Gayford: The concept behind 1000fraggers had been in the… Continue reading Client Spotlight: 1000fraggers

Client Spotlight: Pawsley

We’ve created the Client Spotlight series to showcase some of the incredible sites that are being created with SocialEngine. For our inaugural installment, we interviewed Mike Pacifico, the founder of Pawsley ( In their words, “Pawsley is a social networking and shopping experiment created for dogs, their owners, and people that sell dog-related services or… Continue reading Client Spotlight: Pawsley