Category: Designer Spotlight

  • Spencer's Adventures – Digging the Certified Marketplace

    Howdy friends! How have you all been? I’ve been sniffing around in the marketplace again! There’s so much great stuff there. Here’s what I found next to my favorite squeaky toy:

  • March Community Roundup

    Hey everyone! March has come to a close so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community! New Add-ons and Updates: SocialenginePress: Wordpress Product – The SocialEngine Press Plugin for WordPress makes it easy to quickly integrate WordPress eCommerce plugin with the SocialEngine. This plugin provides a business online easier […]

  • December Community Roundup

    Greetings all. We hope your Holiday celebrations were wonderful and we hope you are all home safe and sound! Here’s a quick look at what everyone has been up to for the past month. New Add-ons and Updates: Giggle Theme – Endless color possibilities, that can be changed with ease, by changing few color codes in […]

  • June Community Roundup

    Hello guys and gals! It’s time for the community roundup for the month of June. New Add-ons and Updates: Advanced Menus Plugin – The Advanced Menus Plugin provides a functional and visually impressive navigation system for your online community from the talented folks at SocailEngineAddOns “Dating is Art” Theme – A new theme from SocialLOFT that […]

  • May Community Roundup

    Greetings all! In efforts to help support our community, we are going to start posting a monthly update on the general happenings in the land of SocialEngine. We hope to use this update as a platform to show off the great new things that people are building using SocialEngine. So here you go! Check out […]