Category: Developer Notes

  • v3 Fun

    I’m finally through much of the boring-but-necessary stuff in the v3 platform, and have spent the last week or so adding some of the highly-requested features: 1. HTML in Comments – I finally got the chance to work on this. Here’s a screenshot from the admin section: As you can see, it’s similar to the […]

  • SocialEngine 2.0 Beta Testers Needed, Release Date Changed

    We are nearing the end of the SocialEngine 2.0 development period, but unfortunately we are slightly behind schedule and will need to make some extra time for final touches and beta testing. We sincerely apologize for the release delay, but we feel that our top priority is to bring you quality, stable software, and sometimes […]

  • Final 2.0 Feature List and Release Date

    Finally! We have compiled the feature list of the upcoming 2.0 release. We are publishing this feature list with the hope that it will help SocialEngine clients (and potential clients) plan their projects as we approach the 2.0 release. We’ve made the main platform our first priority and decided to update the current plugins (and […]