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  • Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Sale Event!

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Holiday Sale Event!

    Hello! Holidays are coming, don’t you just love how festive it gets? My sniffer gets all tingly with the smells. If you’re looking to start your own social network, or Twitter alternative, now’s the time to do it and take advantage of a huge 25% discount! I’ve gone wild with all the scents, and have […]

  • Spencer Undercover – Labor Day and International Charity Day Sale!

    Spencer Undercover – Labor Day and International Charity Day Sale!

    Hello Everyone!!  It’s holiday time and Labor Day is coming as well as International Charity Day. This is an awesome time to celebrate with generous offerings!  In celebration of Labor Day and International Charity Day, here are some discounts for purchases of SocialEngine PHP, SocialEngine Managed Service, BryZar hosting, and SocialNetworking.Solutions products! These discounts will […]

  • Announcing SocialEngine Inspira Theme

    Announcing SocialEngine Inspira Theme

    Hello Everyone! We are pleased to announce Inspira, a premium theme for SocialEngine PHP! This inspiring theme has an eye-catching look and feel, unique features, and will be a favorite of your members! 

  • Spencer Undercover – Celebration Sale!

    Spencer Undercover – Celebration Sale!

    Howdy Everyone!!  I’m back! Did you miss me? I’ve been training for the dog olympics! It’s a bit of hard work training for handball. I keep fetching the balls and bringing them back and the team gets so excited!  We’ve had an exciting month! Our company is under new management, our teams are working on […]

  • Spencer's Adventures – Digging the Certified Marketplace

    Howdy friends! How have you all been? I’ve been sniffing around in the marketplace again! There’s so much great stuff there. Here’s what I found next to my favorite squeaky toy:

  • Spencer Explores the SocialEngine Marketplace

    Howdy! It’s been a fun week! I’ve been learning to swim! So far, I can do the dog paddle almost like an expert. Great, right? I love to visit the SocialEngine team after a swim! They just get so excited to see me. I thought they all wanted a hug so I obliged each one. […]