Important Fix for Sites Using the Facebook Integration Feature

Facebook recently updated their integration API. This means that if your site is currently using the Facebook integration there is a minor adjustment that needs to be made to continue the use of the Facebook integration. Please click HERE to view our support article explaining how to make the needed changes to ensure that Facebook… Continue reading Important Fix for Sites Using the Facebook Integration Feature

February Community Roundup

Hey everyone! February is coming to a close so its time to take a look at what has been happening this month with the SocialEngine community! New Add-ons and Updates: Job Posting – Job Posting provides features that you can find on professional employment website, plus some unique features that suitable for a Social Network. For company… Continue reading February Community Roundup

Responsive and Legacy themes

We have some very exciting news. On February 12th we will be releasing brand new fully responsive themes for SocialEngine Cloud! We have been working very hard to bring responsive themes to you and we are very proud of the final product. We think you’re going to love them. For everyone who currently has customized their… Continue reading Responsive and Legacy themes

Q&A with Ben's Friends

It is with great pleasure were able to publish our Q&A with Ben Munoz, inspirational leader and founder of the non-profit Ben’s Friends. We asked Ben a few questions about Ben’s Friends and running patient support communities, and the success he has seen. What was the impetus to start Ben’s Friends? I suffered a brain hemorrhage in… Continue reading Q&A with Ben's Friends

January Community Roundup

Happy new year everyone! Here’s a quick look at what has been going on with SocialEngine! New Add-ons and Updates: Members Verification Plugin –  Members Verification Plugin enables site members to verify other members. Members can add comment / note / recommendation while verifying others. Members that receive a threshold number of verifications are marked as… Continue reading January Community Roundup

November 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

November is a good month for giving thanks and reflection — and working hard too. Customers: thanks for the ongoing support and involvement in the direction of our products. Developers: truly the greatest asset we have is our network of expert SocialEngine developers. We look forward to launching a new site to help better feature and… Continue reading November 2014 Keeping it Rolling Update

October Community Roundup

Hello everybody! Good to see you all again. Here’s a quick look at what you all have been up to this past month. New Add-ons and Updates: Advanced Members Plugin – Advanced Members Plugin contains numerous features and great user interface to highlight members of your community, and enable easy browsing & searching of members. Responsive… Continue reading October Community Roundup

July Community Roundup

It’s that time again! Time to check out all the cool stuff you guys are doing! New Add-ons and Updates: Multiple Listing Types – Paid Listings Extension – This extension gives you a great monetization opportunity by allowing you to charge users for Paid Listings. Minimal theme – Looking for a clean and modern design for your… Continue reading July Community Roundup