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  • v3 Beta Download Available!

    The much-awaited time has come, guys! You can all either purchase SE from the order page or upgrade to v3 in your client area to have access to the v3 beta zip file. A few things to note: 1. This is a BETA. We have labeled it this way for a couple of reasons (plugins […]

  • SE 3.0 BETA Released

    We’ve just released the long-awaited downloadable 3.0 BETA. Those of you that are current clients can now login to the client area and upgrade to 3.0 for $25 US. This will give you immediate access to the 3.0 BETA, which you can install on your own server if you wish. Note that at this point, […]

  • v3 Public Beta

    Hey there everyone, I am finally announcing the public beta of SocialEngine v3. We are still wrapping up some small things with it and will be working on the beta over the weekend and during next week, but we invite you to check it out, tell us what you think, and report any bugs you […]

  • Version 2.0 Online Beta

    Thank you all for being so patient, even after the first beta deadline was missed! Today we have finally released the SocialEngine 2.0 Online Beta. The beta allows you to create an account on a demo social network and explore most of the new features we’ve added in 2.0. You can also login as the […]

  • SocialEngine 2.0 Beta Testers Needed, Release Date Changed

    We are nearing the end of the SocialEngine 2.0 development period, but unfortunately we are slightly behind schedule and will need to make some extra time for final touches and beta testing. We sincerely apologize for the release delay, but we feel that our top priority is to bring you quality, stable software, and sometimes […]