Client Spotlight: SportzHype

This latest Client Spotlight features, SportzHype, a community for passionate sports enthusiasts. Launched only a few months ago, this budding sports community is the place to catchup on the latest news about your favorite team, trash-talk your fiercest rival and engage with other rabid sports-fans.

Client Spotlight: Isara

This Client Spotlight features Kirk Gillock from motorcycle helmet campaign; thousands of helmets were donated to improve safety in a country where Kirk says 80 percent of people drive on two wheels. started as a simple website, but now features the Isara community powered by SocialEngine. “The social media features of SocialEngine make it… Continue reading Client Spotlight: Isara

Client Spotlight: MySaxTalk

This Client Spotlight features Mr. Melvin Llord of MyMusicTalk. Being a saxophone player myself, I was interested to checkout MySaxTalk, a community of around 1500 saxophonists, to see how musicians interact online. Growing up, I played in bands from grade school to university, and even took private lessons at a local music shop for many… Continue reading Client Spotlight: MySaxTalk

Client Spotlight: White Coat Connect

Interested in how our clients approach creating a social network? Our latest Client Spotlight features an interview with the founders of (, a network for health-care professionals. These two medical students and a tech-savvy brother explain their idea and how they plan to launch it. Here’s Carlos Silva, and Edmond and Armond Petrossian! SocialEngine: How… Continue reading Client Spotlight: White Coat Connect

Client Spotlight: 1000fraggers

As a continuation of our Client Spotlight series, here is our second installation featuring Guy Gayford of 1000fraggers (, a multiplayer gaming network to connect, share and play. Here’s Guy! SocialEngine: What made you decide to start 1000fraggers, and what makes your videogame community unique? Guy Gayford: The concept behind 1000fraggers had been in the… Continue reading Client Spotlight: 1000fraggers